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Python 2 will be replaced with Python 3 in the next RHEL major release

Summary: Ansible was previously provided in Extras (for AMD64 and Intel 64 architectures, and IBM POWER, little endian) as a runtime dependency of, and limited in support to, the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) System Roles.

Keywords: pci, id, hat, red, deprecated

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Fuchsia is not Linux

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A Taxonomy of Technical Debt

Summary: Some recent examples of local debt that has been fixed include bugs with inhibitors causing champions to path towards 0,0,0 in certain circumstances, Janna’s Monsoon ignoring spell shields, and Tear of the Goddess stacking on manaless casts.

Keywords: debt, fix, system, data, cost

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Sneak Peek at WebAssembly Studio

Summary: We started working on WebAssembly Studio in late December 2017, in an attempt to merge two existing tools that we had developed: WasmExplorer and WasmFiddle .

Keywords: webassembly, studio, file, project, tools

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Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook hearing was a sham

Summary: Senators Mazie Hirono and Cory Booker, for instance, both pointed out the damning reporting by Julia Angwin at ProPublica , which showed that employers and landlords were using Facebook for discriminatory ads.

Keywords: facebook, zuckerberg, hearing, senators, monopoly

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Tesla issues strongest statement yet blaming driver for deadly crash

Summary: VIDEO: Fiery Tesla crash kills driver in Mountain View Despite his long hours at EA Games and then Apple starting last November, 38-year-old Walter Huang found time for his family.

Keywords: tesla, huang, autopilot, family, walter

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AV1 beats x264 and libvpx-vp9 in practical use case

Summary: Compression efficiency was measured by the Bjontegaard-Delta rate (BD-rate) metric, which calculates the average bit-rate differences between Rate-Distortion (R-D) curves for the same distortion, e.g., for the same Peak Signal-to-Noise Ratio (PSNR) or Structural Similarity (SSIM).

Keywords: video, main, high, test, encoding

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Summary: This week Axel Voss, the lead member of the European parliament (MEP) for the influential legal affairs committee, released his own proposed changes to an especially controversial part of the draft Directive, Article 11.

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Prototool – A Swiss Army Knife for Protocol Buffers

Summary: Prototool is meant to help enforce a consistent development style for Protobuf, and as such you should follow some basic rules:

Keywords: prototool, file, files, directory, protobuf

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The Myth of ‘Learning Styles’

Summary: Among audiences in the nation’s often innumerate capital, an appendix has a kind of talismanic power, and Ryan dazzled the media with reams of appendices and analyses showing that the federal government was spending too much and taxing too much.

Keywords: learning, people, students, reading, styles

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Show HN: Visualizing disk IO activity using log-scale banded graphs

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Zuckerberg denies knowledge of Facebook shadow profiles

Summary: Zuckerberg: Congressman, in general we collect data on people who have not signed up for Facebook for security purposes to prevent the kind of scraping you were just referring to [reverse searches based on public info like phone numbers].

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Setting Up a Cayman Islands Company [pdf]

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Problems with CSVs (2016)

Summary: I recommend my previous post for a more in-depth coverage on the pains of CSVs encodings and how the default tooling (Excel) will ruin your day.

Keywords: csvs, single, excel, fields, records

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Based on his testimony today, Mark Zuckerberg puts users last during a crisis

Summary: But at the end of the day, Zuckerberg’s response to Senator Harris reinforces the idea that within Facebook, users simply aren’t a priority over the company’s own practices of damage control.

Keywords: zuckerberg, facebook, users, company, speak

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Another Dead Whale Is Reminder Of Plastic Problem

Summary: Sometimes my candor may be difficult for people to hear, but they can trust they know where I stand.

Keywords: lori, ofthe, quote, options, hear

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U.S. Agencies Agree to Slash Approval Times for Infrastructure Projects

Summary: Fourteen agencies, from the Transportation Department to the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation Monday signed an agreement that puts into effect an executive order setting a two-year goal for completing the review process issued by Trump in August, according to a White House release.

Keywords: infrastructure, agencies, house, projects, environmental

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A Gentle Introduction to Rust

Summary: Personally I’m a fan of Geany which is one of the few editors with Rust support out-of-the-box; it’s particularly easy on Linux since it’s available through the package manager, but it works fine on other platforms.

Keywords: rust, language, learning, data, write

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Why Can’t Hollywood Make a Good Video Game Movie?

Summary: “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” (2010) had high production values and noteworthy actors (Jake Gyllenhaal starred), but the Boston Globe’s Ty Burr still called it the “CVS brand” version of “The Lord of the Rings.”

Keywords: game, video, movie, story, games

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Scientists Fix Genetic Risk Factor for Alzheimer’s Disease in Human Brain Cells

Summary: Other scientists on the study include Ramsey Najm, Qin Xu, Dah-eun Jeong, David Walker, Maureen Balestra, Seo Yeon Yoon, Heidi Yuan, and Gang Li from the Gladstone Institutes.

Keywords: cells, protein, disease, human, alzheimer

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The Cold Case of the Max Headroom Signal Intrusion

Summary: Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” It took three years, but police finally fingered an unsurprising culprit —a Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) engineer named Thomas Haynie.

Keywords: max, signal, headroom, tv, broadcast

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FTC Warns It Is Illegal to Condition Warranty on Use of Specified Parts/Services

Summary: April 10, 2018The Federal Trade Commission staff has sent warning letters to six major companies that market and sell automobiles, cellular devices, and video gaming systems in the United States.

Keywords: warranty, ftc, staff, company, parts

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Uber is launching Uber Rent, a rental car service with Getaround

Summary: San Francisco-based Getaround lets users find and instantly book vehicles from private car owners, all through a mobile app.

Keywords: uber, getaround, car, app, company

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Subscribers are the new, new thing in business

Summary: And after a scandal involving Cambridge Analytica’s dubious acquisition of data from 87m Facebook users, there could be a shift from digital businesses built around advertising to subscription models that protect privacy.

Keywords: firms, subscription, businesses, subscribers, users

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Deep Painterly Harmonization

Summary: Our torch implementation is based on Justin Johnson’s code ; Histogram loss is inspired by Risser et al.

Keywords: apr, commit, latest, painting, based

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Proposed NYC legislation would give employees right to ignore after-work email

Summary: “There are actions that organizations can take that will improve the culture and morale of the workplace, especially through the use of positive psychology techniques and mindset, including the practices of gratitude, connection, engagement, and finding ‘meaning’ in work.”

Keywords: work, disconnect, workers, employees, employers

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Progress on longstanding open problems

Summary: Aubrey de Grey , better known to the world as a radical life extension researcher, on Sunday posted a preprint on the arXiv claiming to prove that the chromatic number of the plane is at least 5—the first significant progress on the Hadwiger-Nelson problem since 1950.

Keywords: problem, de, grey, quantum, work

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Summary: If the second half of 2016 and all of 2017 was about raising capital to fund development efforts (and speculating on all of that), then it sure feels like 2018 is the year we start getting decentralized applications (Dapps) we can use.

Keywords: dapps, toshi, blockstack, eth, browser

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Cancer breakthrough leads China’s biotech boom

Summary: Gain a global perspective on the US and go beyond with curated news and analysis from 600 journalists in 50+ countries covering politics, business, innovation, trends and more.

Keywords: trends, gain, countries, business, analysis

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Google is about to launch a Gmail Web Redesign

Summary: As the company is slowly phasing out Chrome Apps, Google will now be using standard web technologies to let your browser store your data.

Keywords: gmail, google, design, inbox, working

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Librem 5 Docs

Summary: This site contains instruction and examples to help you accomplish your goals with the Librem 5 dev kit and phone.

Keywords: librem, development, phone, find, app

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It’s Time for a DevTools for Designers

Summary: In a perfect world, this editor could also do useful things like autoprefixing, compile LESS, Sass, and TypeScript, output minified and concatenated files, and serve up the site to other browsers for debugging, making those tasks easier for people who can’t or wouldn’t delve into command-line tool chains.

Keywords: tools, design, visual, web, code

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The Facebook Current

Summary: Zuckerberg quickly articulated that he would be in favor of regulation, using much the same language he would return to later in his response to Senator Sullivan, but the implication of Graham’s line of questioning was more profound than that: perhaps the real problem is the monopolistic nature of the company, because the normal checks that come from competition were missing.

Keywords: facebook, regulation, zuckerberg, senator, mz

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Theranos’ Letter to Shareholders Shows the Company Is on Its Deathbed

Summary: In her letter, Holmes said that the small group of employees who will remain after June 11, “will consist primarily of financial, legal and administrative personnel alongside a core technical team, who will dedicate their efforts toward generating the maximum near-term return achievable for our stakeholders” through a sale.

Keywords: company, fortress, theranos, sale, investment

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Facebook Can’t Be Fixed, It Needs to Be Broken Up

Summary: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is headed to Capitol Hill this week to testify on the many ways the social media titan violates its users’ privacy, including the now infamous connection with a data analysis firm tied to the Trump campaign.

Keywords: facebook, privacy, users, company, zuckerberg

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1Password for Open Source Projects

Summary: PKIjs is a pure JavaScript library implementing the formats that are used in PKI applications (signing, encryption, certificate requests, OCSP and TSP requests/responses).

Keywords: source, project, open, teams, team

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Doubling Mono’s Float Speed

Summary: Another theme around that time was that the Gnumeric spreadsheet, one of my previous projects, had implemented better statistical functions than Excel had, and this was well received in many communities that could use the more correct and higher precision results.

Keywords: mono, llvm, floats, float, precision

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GDPR and automated email marketing

Summary: From text loops and email lists to bulk mailing and online subscriptions, automated sending methods continue to play a leading role in digital marketing.

Keywords: data, email, marketing, business, regulations

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The Programming Talent Myth (2015)

Summary: At the same PyCon, which was held in Washington, DC, Adrian Holovaty gave a tech demo of some tools that were being used to build web sites at the newspaper in Lawrence, Kansas where they both worked.

Keywords: people, programming, programmer, myth, django

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All I Wanted Was to Work in Tech. Be Careful What You Wish For

Summary: This was a regular topic, as all of us had taken slightly lower salaries than the market average in exchange for shares of the company in hopes that we’d be fantastically compensated when our CEO one day rang that bell on Wall Street.

Keywords: company, work, job, tech, working

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Teen monitoring apps don’t work, and drive a wedge between teens and parents

Summary: Rather than turning to automated safety nets, the authors say, parents should become more involved in their kids’ lives, which includes both directly supervising what they’re seeing on the internet and having open conversations about the dangers of online activities.

Keywords: apps, parents, online, kids, teens

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New research shows successful founders are far older than the stereotype

Summary: Founders who have been covered extensively by the media, like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, started their companies still glimpsing their teenage years, and that reputation has spread widely across the industry.

Keywords: founders, age, data, average, years

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Peepeth: Unstoppable Microblogging

Summary: Peepeth lets you prove your identity by linking your Twitter account through the blockchain.

Keywords: peepeth, blockchain, gas, ethereum, fees

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Show HN: Using deep learning to detect objects from your webcam

Summary: We’re using Tiny YOLO , a ML model that’s been converted to work in Tensorflow.js.

Keywords: ca, gpus, computer, optimized, loading

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Show HN: Facebook data analyzer

Summary: Find your most busy messaging days How your history of making friends looked like?

Keywords: apr, language, facebook, words, commit

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Radio Hacker Can Hijack Emergency Sirens to Play Any Sound

Summary: At exactly noon on the first Tuesday after Balint Seeber moved from Silicon Valley to San Francisco in late 2015, the Australian radio hacker and security researcher was surprised to discover a phenomenon already known to practically every other resident of the city: a brief, piercing wail that rose and then fell, followed by a man’s voice: “This is a test.

Keywords: seeber, radio, sirens, siren, systems

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Cruise, GM’s self-driving car unit, acquires Zippy

Summary: “Their expertise in machine learning, computer vision, and simulation is among the best in the industry,” Cruise CEO Kyle Vogt wrote in a Medium post.

Keywords: cruise, team, zippy, kyle, develops

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Mice compensate for extra exercise by reducing other physical activity: study

Summary: These changes in how they spent their time neatly managed to almost counteract the extra calorie costs from running, says Daniel Lark, a research fellow in molecular physiology at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, who led the new study.

Keywords: mice, wheels, running, energy, cages

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The Case Against Lectures

Summary: It turns out that this business of finding out what students are passionate about and empowering them with what we call designed thinking—the ability to frame the right questions for the right problem to solve, and show them how to develop the materials at their own—works at every level of the educational spectrum.”

Keywords: students, tenure, posted, learning, lecture

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Show HN: Blank – A stack-based programming language I wrote 21 years ago

Summary: {;} Pop the top element from the stack and output its ASCII character to the standard error stream.

Keywords: pop, stack, push, cell, program

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The Missing Fundamental

Summary: Stay tuned for a future blog post in which a bass boost demo utilizing the missing fundamental will be presented!

Keywords: fundamental, missing, harmonics, pitch, harmonic

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Show HN: Guilded – build and organize online gaming teams

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Post-quantum confidentiality for TLS

Summary: Incompatibilities with unstructured lattices Before the experiment began, in order to establish some confidence that TLS connections wouldn’t break, the top 2 500 sites from the Alexa list were probed to see whether large handshakes caused problems.

Keywords: tls, sl, bytes, si, ul

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Vancouver signs first agreement in Canada with Airbnb for short-term rentals

Summary: “Vancouver is leading the way in finding balanced solutions to support short-term rentals,” said Kaye Krishna, General Manager of Development, Buildings and Licensing.

Keywords: airbnb, licence, vancouver, city, rental

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Highlights of Verizon 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report

Summary: The healthcare industry continues to be of particular interest to hackers, the sensitivity of the data and it’s value on deep web marketplaces make them a prime target.

Keywords: data, breaches, security, malware, applications

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Visually Mapping Gopherspace

Summary: This Map uses the Geo-Location of each Gopher Server’s IP address in Latitude and Longitude values and converts them into X:Y co-ordinates to show approximately where in the world each one is.

Keywords: gopher, servers, map, world, nodes

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Japan team maps trove of rare earth elements

Summary: The deposit, found within Japan’s exclusive economic zone waters, contains more than 16 million tons of the elements needed to build high-tech products ranging from mobile phones to electric vehicles, according to the study, released Tuesday in the journal Scientific Reports.

Keywords: elements, study, japanese, mud, rare

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Unauthenticated flag flipping yields remote code execution

Summary: Some of them are really just a matter of a GET or POST to the right endpoint, and can be triggered by loading an evil web page that happens to call back to the host.

Keywords: flag, library, flags, run, things

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Understanding financial levers – modeling the unit economics of Bird

Summary: Here’s a closer look at the basic unit economics of Bird , the electric scooter ride-sharing company based in Santa Monica, Calif. There’ll be a super simple model and test scenarios that show how critical it is to understand and manipulate the key levers of any startup — in fact, it can determine whether a business sinks or swims.

Keywords: scooter, bird, charging, average, electric

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Towards a Virtual Stuntman

Summary: We present a conceptually simple RL framework that enables simulated characters to learn highly dynamic and acrobatic skills from reference motion clips, which can be provided in the form of mocap data recorded from human subjects.

Keywords: character, motion, motions, reference, simulated

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