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Google loses ‘right to be forgotten’ case

Summary: The right to be forgotten is a legal precedent set by the Court of Justice of the European Union in 2014, following a case brought by Spaniard Mario Costeja Gonzalez who had asked Google to remove information about his financial history.

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Microsoft, Google, Mozilla, and Apple Object to W3C Fork of DOM Spec

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In a Leaked Memo, Apple Warns Employees to Stop Leaking Information

Summary: Despite that, the media has continued to report news on the firm to satisfy demand for information on a company that’s become a crucial part of investment portfolios, many of which support public retirement funds for teachers and other essential workers.

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Apple Sued an iPhone Repair Shop Owner in Norway and Lost

Summary: The settlement agreement said that Huseby agrees “not to manufacture, import, sell, market, or otherwise deal with any products that infringe Apple’s trademarks,” and asked required him to pay 27,700 Norwegian Krone ($3,566) to make the problem go away without a trial.

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Goldman Sachs questions whether curing patients is a sustainable business model

Summary: “[Gilead]’s rapid rise and fall of its hepatitis C franchise highlights one of the dynamics of an effective drug that permanently cures a disease, resulting in a gradual exhaustion of the prevalent pool of patients,” the analysts wrote.

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SpaceX’s Valuation Climbs to $25B with New Funding Round

Summary: On Monday, SpaceX is slated to launch a Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida with a National Aeronautics and Space Administration satellite as the payload.

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Why Entrepreneurs Start Companies Rather Than Join Them

Summary: When I shared the paper withTina Seelig at Stanford she asked, “If schools provided better ways to signal someone’s potential to employers, will this lead to less entrepreneurship?” Interesting question.

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Someone Stole My Book (and My Job) and Is Selling It on Amazon

Summary: This “author” — I imagine Steve S. Thomas is not his real name — has stolen a number books , it turns out, from a variety of publishers and not just Ziff Davis:

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Brutalist Design Is the Bad Influence We All Need

Summary: It won’t take much longer until rigid grids, full screen faux analog photos, gradients and neat google fonts become outdated and unable to compete with all the other outstanding, new and interesting designs.

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Types of Regression Analysis

Summary: Examples HR Analytics: IT firms recruit large number of people, but one of the problems they encounter is after accepting the job offer many candidates do not join.

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Last satellite in the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System launched

Summary: Our Semiconductor Laboratory in Chandigarh has developed the digital chips and for manufacturing prototypes of RF Front End hardware, we gave the order to Tower Jazz, which is a US-based firm specialising in silicon germanium technology suited for increasing bandwidth.

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Chinese police use facial recognition tech to arrest suspect at a pop concert

Summary: Image copyrightGetty ImagesImage caption (File Photo) There are an estimated 170 million CCTV cameras already in place in China Chinese police have used facial recognition technology to locate and arrest a man who was among a crowd of 60,000 concert goers.

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Google is testing expiring emails in the new Gmail

Summary: When viewing the confidential message, copy and paste as well as the print feature were disabled — it didn’t stop our tipster from taking a screenshot of the email though.

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Summary: In a surprising decision that should terrify software developers, the Federal Circuit held today that Google’s use in its Android mobile operating system of Java API labels infringed Oracle’s copyright.

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FCC declines to punish Sinclair for its ‘must-run’ segments and scripts

Summary: The Senators’ letter, which you can read here , expresses concern that Sinclair is clearly using its power over local news stations to advance a political agenda at a national level:

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For mathematicians, = does not mean equality

Summary: The same scoping for programming functions bypass the naive expectation that equality means “now and forever.” Couple that with the question-as-equation , in which one asks what values of produce this result, if any, and you begin to see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

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Exit scammers run off with $660M in ICO earnings

Summary: In fact, the real mastermind behind these projects is a team of seven Vietnamese nationals, who have held different conferences in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and even remote areas to lure investors.

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Carp: A statically typed Lisp, without a GC, for real-time applications

Summary: Automatic and deterministic memory management (no garbage collector or VM) Inferred static types for great speed and reliability Ownership tracking enables a functional programming style while still using mutation of cache-friendly data structures under the hood No hidden performance penalties – allocation and copying are explicit Straightforward integration with existing C code

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NEON is the new black: fast JPEG optimization on ARM servers

Summary: Another favorite part of mine, working with the Qualcomm Centriq CPU is the ability to take power readings, and be pleasantly surprised every time.

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YouTube is littered with mass-produced videos made by automated bots

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How to write Mathematics (1970) [pdf]

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Go gets preliminary WebAssembly support

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Show HN: Tube – Minimalist YouTube

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Russia’s move to block Telegram another attack on online freedom of expression

Summary: Ahead of tomorrow’s court hearing on a request by Russia’s media watchdog to block the messaging app Telegram for its refusal to share users’ information with the government, Amnesty International’s Deputy Director for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Denis Krivosheev, said:

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Go: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Summary: Rust is climbing higher in the stack with great web frameworks and nice ORM s. It also gives you that warm feeling of “if it compiles, errors will come from the logic I wrote, not language quirks I forgot to pay attention to”.

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Young Japanese are surprisingly content

Summary: He calls today’s young men and women the satori sedai , or enlightened generation, meaning that Buddha-like, they eschew big aspirations and seek happiness in simple things.

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VC from Asia is skyrocketing

Summary: A decade ago, nearly three-quarters of the world’s financing of innovative, tech-heavy startups and young companies took place in the U.S., with American investors plowing money into mostly U.S.-based venture firms.

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Someone has entered an AI in a Japanese mayoral race

Summary: Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku – Jiyuu e Michizure Takao Tajima (ORIGINAL LOVE) – Tsugou no Ii Karada Sakura Fujiwara – Akane Sasukiro Terasa Redo Takako Matsu – Arikitari no Onna Daichi Miura – Suberidai RHYMESTER – Honnou LiSA – NIPPON Rekishi – Koufukuron The Urashima’s – Tadashii Machi

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Some U.S. law enforcement agencies are using GrayKey to bypass iPhone encryption

Summary: “The availability and affordability of these tools undercuts law enforcement’s continual assertions that they need smartphone vendors to be forced to build ‘exceptional access’ capabilities into their devices,” Riana Pfefferkorn, cryptography fellow at the Stanford Center for Internet and Society, told Motherboard in a Twitter message.

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Ban Targeted Advertising

Summary: But instead of leaving regulation to Facebook, or devising one Rube Goldberg scenario after another to try to protect consumer data, the U.S. can take one simple, legal step to roll back this dystopian nightmare: ban targeted advertising.

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Bulgaria played a vital role in introducing yogurt to the West

Summary: To this day, the state-owned company LB Bulgaricum continues to hold and licence its patent to countries such as Japan and South Korea, where Bulgarian yoghurt, virtually unknown until about 35 years ago, is now extremely popular.

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Hiring and the market for lemons (2016)

Summary: Thanks to Leah Hanson, David Turner, Tim Abbott, Vaibhav Sagar, Victor Felder, Ezekiel Smithburg, Juliano Bortolozzo Solanho, Stephen Tu, Pierre-Yves Baccou, Jorge Montero, Ben Kuhn, and Lindsey Kuper for comments and corrections.

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Diaspora* social network federation protocol

Summary: An implementation of this protocol is available as a Ruby Gem under the AGPL on Github .

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User Privacy Isn’t Solely a Facebook Issue

Summary: For ISPs, a federal law that prohibits some activities, but leaves them the tactics that make the most money—while preventing states from passing more stringent protections —is their goal.

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DragonFly BSD 5.2

Summary: Add a helper script, efisetup(8), which will set up a blank storage device with appropriate gpt partitions for EFI and a DFly disklabel in s1.

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Japan found hundreds of years’ worth of the minerals used in batteries and EVs

Summary: ET TOKYO—Japan has hundreds of years’ worth of rare-earth metal deposits in its waters, according to new research that reflects Tokyo’s concern about China’s hegemony over minerals used in batteries and electric vehicles.

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The murder that shook Iceland

Summary: She liked music – everything from hip-hop to folk – and she liked to drive, and so in the summer of 2016 she embraced the Icelandic pastime of rúntur , cruising slowly down Laugavegur in her father’s car with her friends, windows open, speakers blaring, past the boutiques and coffee bars and tourist shops selling soft-toy puffins and knitted jumpers.

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Power9 Benchmarks vs. Intel Xeon vs. AMD EPYC Performance on Debian Linux

Summary: Page 1 - IntroductionPage 2 - Parboil + x264 + 7-ZipPage 3 - Compiler Performance + Stockfish + Single Threaded + OpenSSLPage 4 - Python + PHP + OSBench

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24 hours in a diner in New York

Summary: There’s Steve Horton, a graphic designer in his forties, who moved here from Miami five years ago and walks his dog Olive in the shadow of the High Line, who had Thanksgiving dinner here and who feels, for the first time in his life, that he’s finally put down roots.

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Modeling the Magic Leap One Experience

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Unusual Homes Around the World (2015)

Summary: Read more Inside the home of Brazilian gardener Estevao Silva da Conceicao, which he calls the Casa de Pedra, or House of Stone, that he built himself in the Paraisopolis slum of Sao Paulo, on October 2, 2012.

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New WebKit Features in Safari 11.1

Summary: It adds support for dataTransfer.items , reading and writing of HTML content and custom MIME types, and fixed a number of bugs including copying & pasting images from native applications.

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Check if your data was shared with Cambridge analytica FB check tool

Summary: Recently, we shared information about the potential misuse of your Facebook data by apps and websites.

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Facebook at Work spamblocks some SQL queries

Summary: EDIT: As a user, I want control over URLification: Give me an off switch that does not URLify unless I prefix http:// or https://.

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U.S. judge says Uber drivers are not company’s employees

Summary: U.S. District Judge Michael Baylson on Wednesday said San Francisco-based Uber does not exert enough control over drivers for its limo service, UberBLACK, to be considered their employer under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act.

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Build a JSON API with Hugo’s Custom Output Formats

Summary: If you’re a super geek like @bdougieyo , you’ve built an app that tells you when to leave work in order to avoid traffic from your local baseball team’s home games ( from his excellent talk here ).

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Defeat your 99th percentile with speculative task

Summary: In consequence given the percentile distribution we knew that significant percent of correct response times would fall into aggressive timeout trap.

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The State Pension Funding Gap

Summary: To better understand the risk exposure of public funds, policymakers need access to stress testing or sensitivity analyses, which simulate scenarios that can measure the fiscal impact of lower investment performance or other missed assumptions.

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How Tech Companies Own Your Day

Summary: For example, the home automation framework HomeKit, health data suite HealthKit, and vehicle dashboard interface CarPlay aim to keep these devices at the center of your life and sell you associated apps, irrespective of your surroundings.

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FBI Refuses to Say Whether It Bought iPhone Unlocking Tech ‘GrayKey’

Summary: Even though the FBI is at the forefront of highlighting the going dark debate, in which law enforcement officials say they are being cut-off from evidence of crimes due to encryption, the Bureau has refused to say whether or not it also bought the new iPhone cracking technology, called GrayKey, in a response to a Freedom of Information Act request from Motherboard.

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Darpa Awards Ginkgo Bioworks and Transcriptic $9.5M to Bring AI into the Lab

Summary: Justin Siegel, an assistant professor in UC Davis’ Department of Chemistry, collaborated with Transcriptic last year to produce what he called “the largest [enzymatic] dataset of its kind” — a detailed kinetic profile of over 100 purified enzyme variants.

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Berners-Lee Behind New Private Communications Network for UltraPrivacy Conscious

Summary: The prospect of “leave no trace” communications has become more attractive to some more privacy-concerned users given the large amounts of data gathered by sites such as Facebook and Google, and especially in the wake of the NSA leaks exposing the agency’s controversial online surveillance programs.

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Trump, Having Denounced Amazon’s Shipping Deal, Orders Review of Postal Service

Summary: Mr. Trump’s task force does not address the president’s other complaint about Amazon: that the online retailer fails to pay sales taxes, giving it an unfair advantage over brick-and-mortar businesses.

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Show HN: Cointabb

Summary: $15.84 $1.6B $149.5M101.16M -1.23%-2.64%16.86%18★ BNB Binance Coin

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Show HN: Umbrella Note – Simple app for notes and journals

Summary: Work in progress 🚧 Smart text editor - spell check, dictionary, word suggestions

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Sydney’s plan to split into three cities in as little as 20 years

Summary: Under the proposal, an economic corridor will be formed that runs through Parramatta focusing on “world-class health, education and research institutions as well as finance, business services and administration.”

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PullRequest pulls in $8M Series A just months after scoring seed round

Summary: Anna Patterson, managing director at lead investor Gradient Ventures, sees a powerful combination in on-demand and code review.

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Software resilience: The 500 test

Summary: The human time spent on operation and recovery is expensive, and a top factor leeching engineering productivity, second only to widespread intrinsic technical debt.

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Anne Wojcicki on How to Build the Future

Summary: Anne Wojcicki – So I think we are unusual so like when one of our investors, he has said what’s amazing is “I look back on everything” he’s like “You’re a broken record” in some ways that’s why it’s so easy to do speaking engagements because I’ve said the same things now for a decade.

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Road safety tips from Sweden

Summary: “Our ‘Road to Zero’ deaths on U.S. highways, though, will require us to advocate for support of improved data collection, continued research, as well as regulatory change and design innovation to allow even larger children to ride rear facing.”

Keywords: car, children, seats, sweden, seat

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Telegram is the hot new source for pirated content

Summary: The Outline discovered several groups and channels on Telegram in which stolen credentials — i.e., the username and password for a website — from Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, HBO, CBS, EA Sports, Lynda, Sling, WWE Network, Mega, India’s Hotstar, and dozens of other services were being offered to tens of thousands of members each day.

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