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Was there a civilization on Earth before humans?

Summary: S outh of Fallujah’s Route Fran were hundreds of insurgents who’d spent months digging trench lines, emplacing roadside bombs, barricading streets, training with their weapons, reading the Koran, and watching videos of suicide bombers to inspire them for the fight to come.

Keywords: civilization, years, reading, planet, future

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How to Be a Systems Thinker

Summary: It turns out that the Greek religious system is a way of translating what you know about your sisters, and your cousins, and your aunts into knowledge about what’s happening to the weather, the climate, the crops, and international relations, all sorts of things.

Keywords: people, cybernetics, things, don, systems

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My Favorite PostgreSQL Queries and Why They Matter

Summary: By confirming what, if any, data is ‘ missing ’ on that side of the join condition first; enhances clarity and awareness, allowing you to then filter out the results set with the WHERE IS NULL clause, finalizing things up.

Keywords: data, table, query, count, rows

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Front-End Developer Handbook

Summary: The value of the book is tied up in a terse, focused, and timely curation of just enough categorical information so as not to overwhelm anyone on any one particular subject matter.

Keywords: practice, part, development, content, book

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Assumptions about how children learn to read have been disproven by research

Summary: Cognitive scientists have known for decades that simply mastering comprehension skills doesn’t ensure a young student will be able to apply them to whatever texts they’re confronted with on standardized tests and in their studies later in life.

Keywords: students, reading, skills, tests, scores

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China Is Nationalizing Its Tech Sector

Summary: But if President Donald Trump’s administration thinks that will change any time soon, it hasn’t been paying attention: Far from reducing support for the tech sector, China is on the verge of nationalizing it.

Keywords: china, tech, chinese, companies, firms

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What did Alan Kay and Steve Jobs talk about at the 2007 iPhone keynote?

Summary: Steve and I first met during his visit to Xerox Parc in 1979 at the urging of some of his computer people to see what we’d been doing for the previous 8 years.

Keywords: steve, years, make, iphone, people

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Bret Victor Redesigns Classic Strogatz Paper (2011)

Summary: By contrast, an edge removed from a clustered neighbour- hood to make a short cut has, at most, a linear effect on C ; hence C(p) remains practically unchanged for small p even though L(p) drops rapidly.

Keywords: edges, networks, random, small, vertices

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Dark side of ergonomics in Rust

Summary: You know, because nothing besides the debug prints works ‒ the code crashes at a random time after running for few minutes at full speed (stepping through it in debugger would take forever), the crash manifests long after the corruption causing it happens, it doesn’t happen in valgrind at all (which hints at some kind of race condition), rr gives up on you because of some oddball syscall nobody but you ever thought of using this exact way , trying to prove your code correct only filled heaps of papers with notes without success and after all you’re grateful that you have at least the debug prints and can then grep through the multi-gigabyte log file.

Keywords: rust, don, code, ergonomics, time

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Soviet-Era Industrial Design

Summary: For her, the Soviet era from the 1950s onwards was an important period of design history, “when function and utility were the driving forces behind ideas but remarkable examples of innovation and creativity still flourished.”

Keywords: soviet, book, manufactured, cleaner, designed

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Hackett – A Haskell-like language with support for Racket’s macro system

Summary: In fact, Hackett’s ADTs are not primitives, they are actually implemented as a library via the data and case macros in hackett/private/adt .

Keywords: hackett, type, features, things, apr

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Causes and consequences of the Sicilian Mafia

Summary: The criminal syndicate known as the Mafia has played a defining role in the Sicilian economy and politics since its inception in the mid-19th century (Dimico et al. 2012), and has often been proffered as one of the prime reasons why Sicily has lagged behind the rest of Italy in economic and social development.

Keywords: mafia, economic, peasant, local, fasci

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VuePress: a fully Vue-powered static site generator

Summary: Minimal setup with markdown-centered project structure helps you focus on writing.

Keywords: vue, page, webpack, custom, develop

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Y Combinator, Backer of Dropbox, Vaults from Experiment to Kingmaker

Summary: Although Y Combinator still nurtures scores of startups like those stars, it has busied itself with a wave of growth initiatives like raising capital from endowments, pushing harder into later-stage investing and backing more enterprise…

Keywords: combinator, kingmaker, experiment, investing, company

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1 in 10 Americans in survey say they deleted their Facebook account over privacy

Summary: Facebook’s main product hasn’t changed that much in recent years, so perhaps, like Zuckerberg , they’re reminiscing about a time when the company was run out of a Harvard dorm room and the key feature was the “poke.”

Keywords: facebook, account, people, deleted, privacy

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Radio host Art Bell has died

Summary: A caller into Bell’s show said he was piloting a small plane toward Area 51 — the classified Air Force facility located about 80 miles northwest of Las Vegas — to find out “what’s really going on.”

Keywords: bell, radio, show, coast, stock

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Oracle Said to Be Leading Anti-Amazon Lobby on Pentagon Cloud Bid

Summary: On April 4, during a private dinner at the White House, where Catz was a guest of venture capitalist Peter Thiel, a longtime Trump supporter, she criticized the bidding process for the cloud contract, complaining that it seemed tilted in Amazon’s favor, according to people familiar with the matter.

Keywords: amazon, oracle, cloud, trump, contract

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Tiny Steps Towards Liberating Bootloaders and Modem Firmware of MediaTek Phones

Summary: In order to gain more space, he is looking into using more of Fernvale’s software stack: their preloader usb-loader.S in combination with fernly-usb-loader.c should be able to load both Fernly (to initialize the large DRAM) and then OsmocomBB from a connected PC via USB.

Keywords: firmware, code, mediatek, fernvale, osmocombb

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Two Decades of War Have Eroded the Morale of America’s Troops

Summary: General John F. Kelly, a former marine and the current White House chief of staff, once gave a speech in which he declared that service members “hold in disdain those who claim to support them but not the cause that takes their innocence, their limbs, and even their lives.” But looking back, I realize that the cut and thrust of public debate were crucial in forming my own understanding of what our purpose was, and what success was supposed to look like.

Keywords: military, marine, war, men, decaul

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TurboTax Freemium Funnel: Critical Analysis and UX Teardown

Summary: While the paid service offers benefits that may be applicable to some users (such as specialist support and increased security), most filers would be perfectly happy (and just as successful) filing their taxes through the Free product.

Keywords: turbotax, product, users, free, paid

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The Secret to Better Social Media? Fewer Friends

Summary: I’ve simply accumulated a hefty list of people on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and elsewhere.

Keywords: friends, people, data, life, aren

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Notes on Resonance

Summary: But once the sources are brought back into perfect phase alignment, energy growth resumes at the maximum possible rate.

Keywords: sources, energy, resonance, signals, product

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In Racine County, houses are being designated ‘blighted’ to make way for Foxconn

Summary: While this initial assembly plant can’t be projected across the entire future Foxconn complex, we know that $14/hour is a far cry from the promised average annual salary of $54,000, far enough that instead of family-supporting, it would likely qualify families for food stamps, housing assistance and state-supported health care.

Keywords: foxconn, property, wisconsin, sanders, village

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Pip 10 has been released

Summary: If you are affected, please report the issue to the author of theoffending code (refer them to the details of the announcement).Thanks to everyone who put so much effort into the new release.

Keywords: pip, support, code, python, release

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SourceForge Hiding Fact That They Have Lost the Latest Revision of SVN?

Summary: SourceForge management has not yet made any announcement so far regarding this system failure, and the only thing that can prove what’s actually happening is the information on support tickets, but if these are hidden, then it will be difficult for most of the users to even realize that there’s a problem on SVN.

Keywords: sourceforge, tickets, system, ticket, support

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The Fossil distributed version control system

Summary: Robust & Reliable - Fossil stores content using an enduring file format in an SQLite database so that transactions are atomic even if interrupted by a power loss or system crash.

Keywords: fossil, supports, distributed, wiki, autosync

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When algorithms surprise us

Summary: Authors: Joel Lehman , Jeff Clune , Dusan Misevic , Christoph Adami , Julie Beaulieu , Peter J. Bentley , Samuel Bernard , Guillaume Beslon , David M. Bryson , Patryk Chrabaszcz , Nick Cheney , Antoine Cully , Stephane Doncieux , Fred C. Dyer , Kai Olav Ellefsen , Robert Feldt , Stephan Fischer , Stephanie Forrest , Antoine Frénoy , Christian Gagné , Leni Le Goff , Laura M. Grabowski , Babak Hodjat , Frank Hutter , Laurent Keller , Carole Knibbe , Peter Krcah , Richard E. Lenski , Hod Lipson , Robert MacCurdy , Carlos Maestre , Risto Miikkulainen , Sara Mitri , David E. Moriarty , Jean-Baptiste Mouret , Anh Nguyen , Charles Ofria , Marc Parizeau , David Parsons , Robert T. Pennock , William F. Punch , Thomas S. Ray , Marc Schoenauer , Eric Shulte , Karl Sims , Kenneth O. Stanley , François Taddei , Danesh Tarapore , Simon Thibault , et al. (3 additional authors not shown) (Submitted on 9 Mar 2018 ( v1 ), last revised 29 Mar 2018 (this version, v2))

Keywords: evolution, mar, stories, digital, researchers

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Eroom’s law

Summary: Furthermore, drug discovery techniques have shifted from small-molecule and iterative low-throughput search strategies to target-based high-throughput screening (HTS) of large compound libraries.

Keywords: drug, drugs, discovery, law, eroom

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ML turns video of a 360° turn into 3D model of a person

Summary: The researchers tested the method with a variety of body shapes, clothing, and backgrounds and found that it had an average accuracy within 5 millimeters , they will report in June at the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition conference in Salt Lake City.

Keywords: model, video, clothing, body, hutson

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Doctors Battle Drug-Resistant Typhoid Outbreak

Summary: The 1948 discovery of antibiotic treatment for typhoid plunged the infection’s fatality rate from almost one in four to just one in 100, triggering “an epic thrust-and-parry duel” between powerful drugs and “a wily bacterial foe’s stepwise acquisition of resistance to them,” wrote Dr. Myron M. Levine and Dr. Raphael Simon.

Keywords: typhoid, strain, resistance, health, vaccine

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Trillions of Viruses Fall from the Sky Each Day

Summary: Ancient viral DNA eventually became part of the nervous system of modern humans, playing a roll in consciousness, nerve communication and memory formation.Credit Biozentrum, University of Basel/Science Source Do viruses even fit the definition of something alive?

Keywords: viruses, virus, africa, viral, species

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“Coming Out” as Face Blind

Summary: I wouldn’t recognize any of you outside this office.” I was dying to tell someone that the reason I avoid office jobs with a large staff is how stressful it is trying to figure out if I’ve introduced myself to someone (unless it’s the one guy with a long black pony tail or the woman who wears printed hijabs).

Keywords: face, hair, people, recognize, ve

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Turbo Pascal navigational aids that saved my life in 1991

Summary: I made a program in my pocket computer (Atari Portfolio) which automatically showed your position on a map.

Keywords: sun, sextant, paddling, computer, angle

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Founder who lived with bipolar for years started a company to tackle the stigma

Summary: CLOSE More Options

Keywords: close, options

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Ember.js 3.1 and 3.2 Beta Released

Summary: You are being redirected.

Keywords: redirected

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All of the World’s Yeast Probably Originated in China

Summary: S outh of Fallujah’s Route Fran were hundreds of insurgents who’d spent months digging trench lines, emplacing roadside bombs, barricading streets, training with their weapons, reading the Koran, and watching videos of suicide bombers to inspire them for the fight to come.

Keywords: yeast, reading, strains, continue, humans

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US and allies launch strikes on Syria chemical weapons sites

Summary: Media captionMoment cruise missiles were launched from a French naval shipThe US, UK and France have bombed three government sites in Syria in an early morning operation targeting chemical weapons facilities, they say.

Keywords: strikes, chemical, weapons, president, syria

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The Nature of the Firm (1937)

Summary: Harry Dawes, “Labour Mobility in the Steel Industry,” Economic Journal , March, 1934, who instances “the trek to retail shopkeeping and insurance work by the better paid of skilled men due to the desire (often the main aim in life of a worker) to be independent” (p. 86).

Keywords: firm, price, economic, costs, mechanism

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Airlines Are Backing Volantio (YC W09), a Startup That Could Fix Overbooking

Summary: One reason they all bit: to avoid the type of public relations nightmare that smacked United last year, when the carrier forcibly removed a doctor from an oversold aircraft, leaving him with a concussion and a broken nose.

Keywords: airlines, volantio, technology, passengers, jetblue

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Markdown and mock = textmock

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System76 moves it’s computer manufacturing from China to Denver

Summary: For example, in order to decide what software applications Pop!_OS should feature on install, we hosted an online community meeting (open to the public) to solicit feedback.

Keywords: open, design, source, manufacturing, factory

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Origins of the myth of dopamine as the ‘pleasure chemical’

Summary: It’s common to read, as Business Insider claimed last week , that dopamine is “the pleasure chemical” — but that’s not true, and the idea was overturned long ago.

Keywords: dopamine, pleasure, brain, overturned, idea

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Why Computer Programmers Should Stop Calling Themselves Engineers

Summary: S outh of Fallujah’s Route Fran were hundreds of insurgents who’d spent months digging trench lines, emplacing roadside bombs, barricading streets, training with their weapons, reading the Koran, and watching videos of suicide bombers to inspire them for the fight to come.

Keywords: software, engineering, engineers, engineer, systems

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Waymo Applies to Put Autonomous Cars on CA Roads Without Safety Drivers

Summary: Assuming the permit is granted, Waymo’s vehicles will be limited to the Mountain View area, which makes sense — the company has been operating there essentially since its genesis as a research project within Google.

Keywords: company, permit, vehicles, waymo, cars

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Our Dental Insurance Sent Us “Free” Internet-Connected Toothbrushes

Summary: Formerly innocuous devices like toothbrushes, dolls, TVs , thermostats , fridges, mattresses , or toilet-paper dispensers , that are everywhere around the house, will see to it that more and more personal and even intimate data gets uploaded to the cloud as the Internet of Things invades not only our home but our body cavities.

Keywords: app, data, box, brush, beam

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Milos Forman Has Died

Summary: Not until much later, when I was suddenly far from my homeland and its culture, far away from my family, when I was cut away from the land of my childhood, I realized I shared this strong feeling of affection for my country with them,” Forman had said, according to his biography.

Keywords: forman, film, won, academy, director

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Why Tesla is having a harder time than SpaceX

Summary: NASA provided billions in funding for SpaceX to develop tools to fly cargo and astronauts to the International Space Station, which allowed the company to mostly boot-strap itself to success with outside revenue instead of fundraising rounds.

Keywords: spacex, tesla, rocket, company, rockets

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Students being prepared for jobs that no longer exist – how that could change

Summary: Though Evan will likely qualify for financial aid from UMass Lowell, the annual in-state tuition, minus room and board, is $12,496 — relatively affordable compared to the cost of private college, but not for a family that occasionally visits a food bank to fill the fridge.

Keywords: school, high, lowell, college, students

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U.S. Launches Attacks on Syria

Summary: Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Joe Dunford said the three countries called on warships and piloted aircraft to hit the sites linked to Syria’s chemical weapons program.

Keywords: chemical, attack, damascus, syria, syrian

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Show HN: Push More – Receive Webhook Requests in Telegram

Summary: POST to a unique webhook URL and receive your message in Telegram.

Keywords: telegram, receive, group, url, webhook

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