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A journalism student who found out she won a Pulitzer in class

Summary: ICYMI: A pretty bad typo in the LA Times A breaking-news intern with a penchant for crime reporting, Padilla, 23, was tasked with visiting the county jail each morning during the project’s week of coverage to sort through hundreds of paper arrest slips and flag opioid mentions.

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VS Code can do that?

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Heart surgeons refuse difficult operations to avoid poor mortality ratings

Summary: The Society for Cardiothoracic Surgery even wrote to Simon Stevens, the NHS England Chief Executive, calling for the policy to be abandoned, saying it was having a damaging effect on surgeons, destroying confidence and garnering unfair media attention.

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Google’s Project Zero exposes unpatched Windows 10 lockdown bypass

Summary: The researcher downplayed the seriousness of disclosing the bug in the absence of a patch due to the existence of two other known and unfixed Device Guard bypasses in the .NET framework.

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Mapping the internet with Hilbert curves

Summary: This means you have roughly 4.2 billion IP addresses to work with, except you don’t really, because large sections are not usable:

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Gravitation water vortex power plant

Summary: Later, Austrian Inventor Franz Zotlöterer created a similar turbine while attempting to find a way to aerate water without an external power source.

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Elon Musk reveals his productivity rules in a letter he sent to Tesla employees

Summary: The reason that the burst-build target rate is 6000 and not 5000 per week in June is that we cannot have a number with no margin for error across thousands of internally and externally produced parts and processes, amplified by a complex global logistics chain.

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A guide to building a fast electric skateboard at home

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To Understand the Future of Tesla, Look to the History of GM

Summary: As Tesla struggles in the transition from a visionary pioneer to a reliable producer of cars in high volume, one wonders if Musk’s $2.6 billion compensation scheme would be better spent finding the company’s Alfred P. Sloan.

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How to Find Product Market Fit – founder of Segment (2017) [video]

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Yes, You Should Delete Facebook

Summary: Someone observing the digital landscape a couple years from now could see Facebook continuing its dominance and deduce that it’s fine to play fast and loose with customer data in the name of growth, to optimize your product around addictiveness, and to sell information on your users.

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A brief list of what Scrum gets wrong

Summary: Scrum discourages bug fixing, reduction of technical debt, and risk taking, all because of its narrow, exclusive focus on only doing items that Product Owners would interpret as valuable.

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When There’s an Audience, People’s Performance Improves

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Shaper Origin: Hand-Held CNC Machine

Summary: Make with More Create with materials like wood, soft metals, plastics, and composites, including Carbon Fiber, which 3D printers and laser cutters cannot.

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Datomic: Look at all the things I’m not doing

Summary: Given Datomic’s extremely simple write API, it is able to implement time management for you, without any additional cost of data modeling or query hatching on your part.

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Not your Tibetan Buddhism

Summary: Add to that the utopian myth of Tibet, the sympathetic victimisation of the Chinese invasion, and the widespread belief that rituals are just exotic cultural garnish surrounding a simple core of wisdom, and you get the uncomplicated mainstream understanding of Tibetan Buddhism: a monolithic tradition of smiling, peaceful monks telling us how to live a broadly good life.

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The Looming Battle Over AI Chips

Summary: By April 21, 2018 For some years now, there has been a tension between the world’s largest tech companies—Alphabet,, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Baidu, and Alibaba Group Holding—and the chip companies they rely on, especially Intel and Nvidia.

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CBC is destroying its broadcast archives after they’re digitized

Summary: “At a time when Canada is finally committed to sustain and support Indigenous cultures, it has become the first developed nation to systematically destroy master recordings of its largest audiovisual heritage collection, our English-language radio and television artifacts.”

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Coinbase blocks WikiLeaks Shop

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Dissecting the NVIDIA Volta GPU Architecture via Microbenchmarking

Summary: In this technical report, we continue this line of research by presenting the microarchitectural details of the NVIDIA Volta architecture, discovered through microbenchmarks and instruction set disassembly.

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Giving money directly to poor people (2013)

Summary: Sitting on a rough bench in his moonshine bar in a banana grove, a tipsy Bernard Okumo says his wife used her windfall to bail him out of jail, where he was facing a murder charge.

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13-inch MacBook Pro (non Touch Bar) Battery Replacement Program

Summary: Apple has determined that, in a limited number of 13-inch MacBook Pro (non Touch Bar) units, a component may fail causing the built-in battery to expand.

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How to scrape anything on the web and not get caught

Summary: While it might be tempting to use one of paid providers of such services it isn’t that hard to craft a home baked solution that will cost you no money.

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Friendship’s Dark Side

Summary: Based on a detailed survey of 540 participants, researchers at Oxford University determined that people had a falling out with a member of their social circle about once every 7.2 months , or nearly two times annually, and that a year later 40 percent of those ruptures remained unhealed.

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Building Robust Systems (2008) [pdf]

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How IBM quietly pushed out 20,000 aging workers

Summary: Last month, ProPublica reported that over the past five years, IBM has targeted its older American employees for layoffs.

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Matabele ants have evolved a complex system of battlefield triage and rescue

Summary: But researchers at the University of Würzburg in Germany recently looked at one of Africa’s most implacably ferocious ants, and their work revealed a startling tale of possible battlefield comradeship and care.

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Where Countries Are Tinderboxes and Facebook Is a Match

Summary: They Do Nothing’ In a small office lined with posters in Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital, members of an advocacy group called the Center for Policy Alternatives watched as hate exploded on Facebook — all inspired by the video from Ampara, which had overtaken Sinhalese social media in just a week.

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Fluree DB – A scalable blockchain database

Summary: Level 3 - Full Decentralization - In Development Soon, applications can perform transparent but safe transactions by taking complete advantage of the public blockchain.

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Show HN: Writt – Make and publish notes from Telegram

Summary: Write notes and share them quickly, with support for markdown formatting

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Freeman Dyson’s Life, Through His Letters

Summary: Born an Englishman in 1923, Dyson worked for the Royal Air Force’s Bomber Command during World War II, but in 1947 he moved to Cornell University to study physics under Hans Bethe.

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Study suggests drunk people are better at creative problem solving

Summary: Professor Andrew Jarosz of Mississippi State University and colleagues served vodka-cranberry cocktails to 20 male subjects until their blood alcohol levels neared legal intoxication and then gave each a series of word association problems to solve.

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Tricks Make Virtual Reality Feel Real (2016)

Summary: Evan Suma, a research assistant professor at the University of Southern California’s Institute for Creative Technologies (Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus, is an alum), says he worries that virtual reality, once the novelty has subsided, may reach a plateau; because, as he says, most of the experiences being created, while graphically sophisticated, are “couch-locked.” “A lot of the magic for me is lost when you’re just sitting down and moving.”

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Show HN: Vinyl record and sleeve grading tool

Summary: For example, if the record is perfect but you hear a background noise when playing, according to the guidelines it can’t be higher than VG.

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A Feasible Approach to Human Stasis for Long-Duration Deep Space Missions

Summary: deep space missionshuman stasistorpor

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Tidis - Redis protocol on top of TiKV

Summary: Tidis is a Distributed NoSQL database, providing a redis-protocal api(string,list,hash,set,sorted-set), written in Go.

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Is dark matter made of primordial black holes?

Summary: CfA astronomer Qirong Zhu led a group of four scientists investigating the possibility that today’s dark matter is composed of primordial black holes, following up on previously published suggestions.

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