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You probably don’t need AI/ML. You can make do with well written SQL scripts

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My account is sending spam emails

Summary: Hidden fieldsSearch for groups or messages

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Software Testing Anti-patterns

Summary: Waiting for a specific time in the release to “pass QA” with manual approval is one of those obsolete practices that is no longer applicable if a company wants to deploy as fast as possible.

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A blockchain is a specific set of choices suitable for a narrow set of use-cases

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Blind since birth, writing code at Amazon since 2013

Summary: Forzano said he has a good “mental map of the structure of the code,” which allows him to help colleagues and provide unique feedback to his team.

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Parsing JSON is a Minefield

Summary: 2014 - IETF RFC 7158 makes the specification “Standard Tracks” instead of “Informational”, allows scalars (anything other than arrays and objects) such as 123 and true at the root level as ECMA does, warns about bad practices such as duplicated keys and broken Unicode strings, without explicitely forbidding them, though.

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After Facebook scrutiny, is Google next?

Summary: In the latest discovery, CNN reported that it found more than 300 retail brands, government agencies and technology companies had their ads run on YouTube channels that promoted white nationalists, Nazis, conspiracy theories and North Korean propaganda.

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Why Stanislaw Lem’s futurism deserves attention (2015)

Summary: Over vegetarian hors d’oeuvres and red wine at a Bay Area villa, I had chatted with the billionaire venture capitalist Peter Thiel, who planned to adopt an “aggressive” strategy for investing in a “positive” Singularity, which would be “the biggest boom ever,” if it doesn’t first “blow up the whole world.” I had talked with the autodidactic artificial-intelligence researcher Eliezer Yudkowsky about his fears that artificial minds might, once created, rapidly destroy the planet.

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Interns with toasters: how I taught people about load balancers

Summary: When I got to the point about the one intern not playing by the rules, that’s when I’d break out some props and start flinging pens or markers over my shoulder, making sure they audibly caromed off something (like the wall).

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Gitlab 10.7 Released

Summary: As part of providing additional flexibility around our permission model, this will allow group or server admins to set an option that will give users with Developer role the ability to create projects.

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Artificial intelligence accelerates discovery of metallic glass

Summary: The research group took advantage of a system at SLAC’s Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource (SSRL) that combines machine learning — a form of artificial intelligence where computer algorithms glean knowledge from enormous amounts of data — with experiments that quickly make and screen hundreds of sample materials at a time.

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Eventbrite UA claims right to film, distribute users events

Summary: To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, and in addition to other limitations of liability set forth in the Terms of Service, including this Merchant Agreement, you agree that we will not be liable for any check we provide to you, or any loss arising therefrom, that is lost, stolen, fraudulently, or erroneously obtained, endorsed, cashed, or deposited.

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Experts say Tesla has repeated car industry mistakes from the 1980s

Summary: “Instead of easing robots onto the line a few at a time, providing for inevitable debugging problems with redundant equipment, GM bet the entire Hamtramck production system on the proposition that leading-edge automation would work instantaneously.”

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A look at terminal emulators, part 1

Summary: While some people may be happy with the default terminal provided by their desktop environment, others take great pride at using exotic software for running their favorite shell or text editor.

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To Delete Facebook or Not to Delete Facebook? That Is Not the Question

Summary: We filed an amicus brief in a federal appellate case called United States v. Ackerman Friday, arguing something most of us already thought was a given—that the Fourth Amendment protects the contents of your emails from warrantless government searches.

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Penn State’s 98-Year-Old Outing Club Is No Longer Allowed to Go Outside

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Walking While Black

Summary: I’d make my way briskly past the mansions in the hills overlooking the city, now transformed into a carpet of dotted lights under a curtain of stars, saunter by middle-class subdivisions hidden behind high walls crowned with barbed wire, and zigzag through neighborhoods of zinc and wooden shacks crammed together and leaning like a tight-knit group of limbo dancers.

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At the Bottom of the Ocean, a Gloomy Discovery

Summary: Led by geochemist Charles Geoffrey Wheat, the expedition was searching for warm seeps on the ocean floor, places where heat from Earth’s interior bleeds out through networks of cracks.

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Zelle, the Banks’ Answer to Venmo, Proves Vulnerable to Fraud

Summary: “We’re committed to ensuring consumers are aware of potential scams, including reminding them that Zelle is intended for sending funds to friends, family or people they know,” said Ms. Riess, the Bank of America spokeswoman.

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Java is Pass-by-Value

Summary: That location is typically a chunk of memory on the runtime stack for the application (which is how Java handles it), but other languages could choose parameter storage differently.

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I founded Happy Cow Milk to make a difference in dairying. I failed

Summary: Kiwibank backs small to medium businesses, social enterprises and Kiwis who innovate to make good things happen.

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“Drupalgeddon2” touches off arms race to mass-exploit powerful web servers

Summary: The most active group, Netlab 360 researchers said in a blog post published Friday , is using it to install multiple malicious payloads, including cryptocurrency miners and software for performing distributed denial-of-service attacks on other domains.

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Inside the Linux boot process (2006)

Summary: To boot an operating system, the BIOS runtime searches for devices that are both active and bootable in the order of preference defined by the complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) settings.

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Why Invest in Cities? There’s Always Another Boise

Summary: When people think of the pitfalls of development models overly focused on automobiles and sprawl, they may think primarily of the larger metros characterized as the Sun Belt – Los Angeles, Phoenix, Dallas, Houston and Atlanta.

Keywords: california, boise, growth, density, transit

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The Unhealthy Desire for Prestige

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Why Is the Human Brain So Efficient? Massive Parallelism

Summary: Empirical evidence suggests that most quantities in the nervous system (for instance, the firing frequency of neurons, which is often used to represent the intensity of stimuli) have variability of a few percent due to biological noise, or a precision of 1 in 100 at best, which is millionsfold worse than a computer.

Keywords: computer, brain, neurons, information, operations

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Earth Day and the Hockey Stick: A Singular Message

Summary: Of course, the hockey stick is only one of numerous lines of evidence that have led the world’s scientists to conclude climate change is (a) real, (b) caused by burning fossil fuels, along with other human activities and © a grave threat if we do nothing about it.

Keywords: hockey, climate, stick, unprecedented, temperature

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Programming in the Debugger

Summary: For the last year, I’ve been creating a lot of programs for data manipulation (specifically video analysis ), and while the heavy lifting is usually in C or Rust, the lighter-weight metadata processing is all Python.

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General Magic is a film about the ‘90s startup that imagined the smartphone

Summary: It was set to be one of the most exciting companies of the decade, thanks to the work of its charismatic CEO, Marc Porat, and several members of the Macintosh computer’s development team, including software geniuses Bill Atkinson and Andy Hertzfeld.

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Union Types in Flow and Reason

Summary: But in general: as we make our code bases more safe using Flow’s union types of string literals, our bundle size bloats !

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Tracking the Illegal Shipment of Sarin Precursor from Belgium to Syria

Summary: In May 2017, we requested any additional information from the European Commission Service for Foreign Policy Instruments Restrictive measures team to inquire as to whether any Member States sought authorisation for the trading of isopropanol to Syria.

Keywords: syria, isopropanol, information, propanol, figures

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The Man Who Brought Down Lance Armstrong

Summary: A U.K. parliamentary-committee investigation recently concluded that Bradley Wiggins, the 2012 winner, had crossed an “ethical line” by abusing the Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) system, which allows an athlete to take banned drugs in order to treat medical conditions.

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The future of electronics based on memristive systems

Summary: Other work 47 has shown that selectively optimizing the operating point for ON versus OFF switching, which can involve modifying the applied voltages and pulse widths, can produce acceptable results, but that the percentage of fully stuck ON or OFF devices can, in turn, lead to large errors.

Keywords: computing, memristor, device, memory, systems

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Everyone Wants to Go Home During Extra Innings, Maybe Even the Umps

Summary: A Marisnick walk would load the bases for the Astros, bringing reigning World Series MVP George Springer to the plate, a hit away from tying or winning the game.

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The Art of Picking Intel Registers (2003)

Summary: Doing this requires highly-specialized size optimization techniques, since 4096 bytes is less space than two pages of typed text or a true-color Windows XP icon.

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Show HN: Progress Bar OS X. How much % of a year/month/day has passed in menubar

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On incomplete HTTP reads and the requests library in Python

Summary: This has several advantages over Content-Length , including the ability to maintain a persistent HTTP connection for dynamically generated content whose complete size is not known in advance.

Keywords: requests, header, response, http, data

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AI generation of fake celeb images

Summary: They can be imported using the standard pickle mechanism as long as two conditions are met: (1) The directory containing the Progressive GAN code repository must be included in the PYTHONPATH environment variable, and (2) a tf.Session() object must have been created beforehand and set as default.

Keywords: training, script, nvidia, datasets, gpus

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Show HN: HoneyMoney – 100% more Bees than any other personal finance software

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Chasing fake volume: a crypto-plague

Summary: I do not believe it speaks highly of OKex engineers that they actually reflected upon ways to make washtrading less conspicuous than a straight constant stream of trades, but all they could come up with was a perfect sine wave.

Keywords: volume, exchanges, okex, slippage, data

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Solved: A Decades-Old Ansel Adams Mystery

Summary: Collection Center for Creative Photography, The University of Arizona, © The Ansel Adams Publishing Rights Trust“We realized that we could use the lunar phase and position of the sky of Moon and Denali to calculate the date of that evening scene,” Olson writes.

Keywords: denali, olson, adams, moon, lake

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Eventbrite has removed filming clause from agreement

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The limits of information (2014)

Summary: You could swap the position of the tea molecules currently sloshing around in my stomach, or reverse the direction in which they are moving, without altering my macrostate : the physical variables I am able to observe in myself.

Keywords: entropy, black, hole, information, bekenstein

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Memory, attention, sequences

Summary: I thinks this is again mounting evidence that many of the task currently performed by RNN today, could be replaced by less computationally expensive (not to mention using less memory bandwidth and parameters) algorithms like this one.

Keywords: attention, neural, network, sequence, memory

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Why a house is a terrible investment (2013)

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Libraries Can Be More Than Just Books (2017)

Summary: For all of Sunset Park’s celebrated taquerias, dim sum parlors and picturesque piers, the most popular destination in that neighborhood might just be the local branch of the Brooklyn Public Library.

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Nissan’s Path to Self-Driving Cars? Humans in Call Centers

Summary: To make it happen, Nissan’s capitalizing on a partnership with NASA , using a modified version of the software that helped engineers move the Spirit and Opportunity rovers around Mars.

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Can Facebook be replaced? Let’s invest $100,000

Summary: I could write another long email filled with criticisms about Zuckerberg’s horrific track record running Facebook, but instead, I thought I would seize the opportunity created by Mark’s self-inflicted crisis and announce the “Openbook Challenge.”

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