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Make your own sourdough

Summary: Some water will gather on top of your mother dough, that’s usually lactic acid and a good amount of alcohol.

Keywords: dough, grams, mother, sourdough, flour

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Lessons learned from a failing local mall

Summary: As a thought experiment, I asked a local Facebook page dedicated to sharing Brainerd history to help me put together a list of the clothiers that operated in the downtown before the opening of Herberger’s, a.k.a.

Keywords: downtown, herberger, wealth, mall, store

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Bulldoze the business school

Summary: Critics of business schools come in many shapes and sizes: employers complain that graduates lack practical skills, conservative voices scorn the arriviste MBA, Europeans moan about Americanisation, radicals wail about the concentration of power in the hands of the running dogs of capital.

Keywords: business, school, schools, management, people

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Seattle vacates hundreds of marijuana charges going back 30 years

Summary: The Hill reports that Seattle is following in the footsteps of Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, who in February dropped more than 50 criminal charges against residents for marijuana possession, in a radical new policy shift that he says should free up “[police] resources to solve homicides.”

Keywords: marijuana, people, seattle, war, charges

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Kasparov versus the World

Summary: Kasparov, up against much stiffer resistance from the World Team than he had imagined possible, began to drop hints that he was effectively playing against the GM School, and not against the Internet as a whole, but move 19 (among others) debunked that theory.

Keywords: world, team, kasparov, move, black

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Microsoft attempts to spin its role in counterfeiting case

Summary: Earlier this week Eric Lundgren was sentenced to 15 months in prison for selling what Microsoft claimed was “counterfeit software,” but which was in fact only recovery CDs loaded with data anyone can download for free.

Keywords: lundgren, microsoft, discs, software, windows

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It’s Impossible to Prove Your Laptop Hasn’t Been Hacked

Summary: When I started this project, I intended to dump BIOS firmware images externally using a BeagleBone Black (explained previously) and a software tool called flashrom , which is used for reading and writing data that’s stored on physical chips on circuit boards, roughly following the instructions outlined here .

Keywords: laptop, disk, bios, computer, firmware

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Show HN: A proof-of-concept FoundationDB based network block device backend

Summary: Do not use this in production , unless you like data loss, kernel crashes and you don’t mind if your house burns down.

Keywords: block, server, device, kernel, foundationdb

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The myopia boom (2015)

Summary: By fitting chicks with goggles that alter the resolution and contrast of incoming images, it is possible to induce the development of myopia while raising the birds under controlled conditions in which only light intensity is changed.

Keywords: myopia, children, time, light, eye

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Fake books sold on Amazon could be used for money laundering

Summary: “Worthless” books priced at up to thousands, of dollars on Amazon .com and which contain only nonsensical text have been identified as possible vehicles for money laundering by an author whose name was, he says, used to send almost $24,000 (£17,200) to an unknown and fraudulent seller.

Keywords: amazon, reames, book, books, account

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Native Clojure with GraalVM

Summary: In a recent article my workmate Ruben Wagner discussed how Graal allows us to shrink Docker containers running our Java applications.

Keywords: clojure, graal, native, jvm, binary

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A Layman’s Intro to Western Classical Music

Summary: Composers like Schubert and Wagner began to direct attention to the intimate and emotional in music while Mendelssohn combined Bach’s approach to vocal writing with the brand-new, larger orchestral forces available in the centers of 19th-century Europe.

Keywords: music, composers, era, art, classical

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Statement on Nature Machine Intelligence

Summary: In addition to JMLR, virtually all of the major machine learning outlets including NIPS, ICML, ICLR, COLT, UAI, and AISTATS make no charge for access to or publication of papers.

Keywords: machine, learning, journal, access, open

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HyperTools: A Python toolbox for gaining insights into high-dimensional data

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People Are Turning Their Instagram Accounts into Bots

Summary: The messaging app — currently battling Russian government attempts to shut it down over its unwillingness to hand over its encryption keys — is home to groups with names like Black Market, RasieFluence, and BoostGram, whose entire purpose is to game Instagram.

Keywords: instagram, fuelgram, posts, likes, heckel

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Show HN: A fast, hopefully accurate, fuzzy matching library written in Go

Summary: Go library that provides fuzzy string matching optimized for filenames and code symbols in the style of Sublime Text, VSCode, IntelliJ IDEA et al.

Keywords: oct, software, commit, demo, latest

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Show HN: Generating fun Stack Exchange questions using Markov chains

Summary: If not, could it be maintained unless they started spending less time at the gas chambers, thought his one warranted some further relevance … What if she has brought up a high profile entertainer and an evil angel, person, how is it praying to Jakov or any of three Magi.

Keywords: stack, site, device, time, overflow

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Wooden Statue Found in Late 1890s Likely Dates Back More Than 11,000 Years

Summary: That’s according to a new study, published in the journal Antiquity , where an international team including researchers from the Russian Academy of Sciences and the University of Göttingen used new analytical techniques to more precisely calculate the estimated age of the statue, known as the Shigir Idol.

Keywords: idol, study, years, markings, statue

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Structured Concurrency in High-Level Languages

Summary: However, Nathaniel’s blog post and the subsequent discussion made me realize that maybe it’s already time to look a bit higher up the stack, to go beyond C’s “if you don’t do by hand it won’t be done” approach and think about how would structured concurrency look like if it was natively supported by a high-level language.

Keywords: coroutine, bundle, stack, coroutines, threads

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Context Is Everything: Finding Meaning Statistically in Semantic Spaces

Summary: Abstract: This paper introduces Contextual Salience (CoSal), a simple and explicit measure of a word’s importance in context which is a more theoretically natural, practically simpler, and more accurate replacement to tf-idf.

Keywords: apr, gmt, cosal, words, context

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Nintendo’s secretive creative process

Summary: After spending most of the 00s riding high on the success and profits of its DS and Wii consoles, the current decade has seen the Japanese company struggle to adapt to the changes that its rivals and smartphones have wrought upon the video game world.

Keywords: nintendo, takahashi, company, game, people

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The Shirky Principle (2010)

Summary: In his brilliant, classic book The Innovator’s Dilemma , Clay Christensen demonstrates how disruptive technologies almost always arise from the margins of an industry, where they start out as insignificant, or toy, solutions.

Keywords: problem, shirky, unions, solutions, problems

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The quadratic formula and low-precision arithmetic

Summary: According to Gustafson , reading 64 bits from DRAM requires 65 times as much energy as doing a floating point combined multiply-add because it takes place off-chip.

Keywords: quadratic, formula, precision, root, arithmetic

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A Few Thoughts on Ray Ozzie’s “Clear” Proposal

Summary: Ozzie’s idea is the just the latest bit of news in this second edition of the “Crypto Wars”, in which the FBI and various law enforcement agencies have been arguing for access to end-to-end encryption technologies — like phone storage and messaging — in the face of pretty strenuous opposition by (most of) the tech community.

Keywords: phone, ozzie, key, proposal, access

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Implementing and Understanding Type Classes (2014)

Summary: We present these techniques in modern terms and illustrate on concrete examples, relating them to dictionary passing, compilation of unbounded polymorphism, and partial evaluation.

Keywords: monomorphization, type, renv, program, functions

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Warning signs for TSB’s IT meltdown were clear a year ago, according to insider

Summary: TSB announced a delay, blaming the possibility of a UK interest rate rise – which did materialise – and the risk that the bank might leave itself unable to offer mortgage quotes over a crucial weekend.

Keywords: tsb, system, bank, sabadell, systems

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What it means to “disagree and commit” and how I do it (2016)

Summary: page contents

Keywords: contents, page

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Facebook Warns Investors to Expect ‘Additional Incidents’ of User Data Abuse

Summary: “We anticipate that our ongoing investments in safety, security, and content review will identify additional instances of misuse of user data or other undesirable activity by third parties on our platform,” Facebook said in its 10-Q filing.

Keywords: facebook, week, company, data, cambridge

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Pig brains kept alive outside bodies for first time

Summary: The paper was authored by 17 leading scientists, ethicists and philosophers – including Dr Sestan himself – and imagined a future scenario in which researchers could create brains in a laboratory that had conscious experiences.

Keywords: brain, brains, sestan, dr, human

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The Theory of Quantum Information

Summary: Upon publication this book will be available for purchase through Cambridge University Press and other standard distribution channels.

Keywords: pdf, chapter, quantum, channels, book

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OpenEMR v5.0.1

Summary: The author of this module, Sherwin Gaddis, OpenEMR vendor, and software engineer, stated: “Weno eRx was designed to provide an affordable system for securely getting the prescription to the pharmacy electronically”.

Keywords: openemr, community, support, patient, features

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The Fable of the Dragon-Tyrant (2005)

Summary: On moonlit nights, the passengers traveling on this train, if there had been windows for them to stick their heads out of, would have been able to see in front of them the double silhouette of the dragon and the mountain, and two glowing red eyes, like the beams from a pair of giant lighthouses, pointing the way to annihilation.

Keywords: king, dragon, people, human, life

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Enhancing Pwned Passwords Privacy by Exclusively Supporting Anonymity

Summary: Read that earlier post about performance for the reasons why, the bottom line is that I pay for Azure Function execution based on how long it takes so faster is always better.

Keywords: time, range, api, search, service

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A survey of comics research in computer science

Summary: Early work focuses on low level document image analysis: indeed comic books are complex, they contains text, drawings, balloon, panels, onomatopoeia, etc.

Keywords: comics, research, science, computer, change

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Gates Foundation launches $12M Grand Challenge for universal flu vaccine

Summary: But given the continual emergence of new pathogens, the increasing risk of a bioterror attack, and how connected our world is through air travel, there is a significant probability of a large and lethal, modern-day pandemic occurring in our lifetimes,” Gates said.

Keywords: gates, flu, virus, pandemic, foundation

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New Windows 10 Features

Summary: The improved Dictation feature in Windows 10 will capture your thoughts quickly and accurately so that brilliant idea you just riffed on with your colleagues or the speech you’re practicing for your best friend’s wedding isn’t lost forever.

Keywords: time, windows, update, pc, april

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World’s oldest spider discovered in Australian outback

Summary: The research, published in Pacific Conservation Biology , suggests the 43-year-old Giaus Villosus trapdoor matriarch, who recently died during a long-term population study, had outlived the previous world record holder, a 28-year old tarantula found in Mexico.

Keywords: spider, research, life, trapdoor, australian

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Twitch plays Go

Summary: “We’ll be live in the studio to answer questions from the chat during the show and give commentary afterward on the making of the film,” Lockhart tells the E-Journal.

Keywords: game, twitch, live, introduction, april

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Unlearning toxic behaviors in a code review culture

Summary: “…when you want to help out or work with others, you should fully engage and not just butt in sporadically” — Recurse Center’s User Manual If you as a review seeker don’t plan to apply a person’s feedback, just leave a note letting them know.

Keywords: code, toxic, behavior, don, unhelpful

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Open3D: A Modern Library for 3D Data Processing Home Code Docs C++ API

Summary: Although the Open3D project is currently maintained by the Open3D community, it was initiated by Qianyi Zhou and Jaesik Park, who have wrote a paper , and they ask you to kindly cite it!

Keywords: data, set, clean, project, python

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