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“ makes faking perfection easy”

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Competitive Programmer’s Handbook (2017) [pdf]

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Summary: Unfortunately the European Union’s new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), introduced on 25th May 2018, creates uncertainty and risk that I can’t justify taking.

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France seizes from man who’s had it since 1994

Summary: For over 20 years , Frydman built up a business (also known as, often collaborating with numerous official French agencies, including the Consulate General in Los Angeles and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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The NetHack dev team is happy to announce the release of NetHack 3.6.1

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‘Demonically Clever’ Backdoor Hides Inside Computer Chip

Summary: But given that current defenses against detecting processor-level backdoors wouldn’t spot their A2 attack, they argue that a new method is required: Specifically, they say that modern chips need to have a trusted component that constantly checks that programs haven’t been granted inappropriate operating-system-level privileges.

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What happened, Gmail?

Summary: Each time I was disappointed and instead it was bug fixes, security, and the awful removal of the feature to ‘Swipe up/down’ to close an email that was replaced by a back button.

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A History of APL in 50 Functions

Summary: A History of APL in 50 Functions

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9,096 Stars in the Sky – Is That All?

Summary: The sky facing south at nightfall in late September from a dark, light-pollution-free site with stars visible to magnitude 6.5, the naked eye limit.

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Joseph Stiglitz Says American Inequality Didn’t Just Happen

Summary: With the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, which emphasized the dignity of the individual, and with the Industrial Revolution, which led to the emergence of a vast urban underclass, it became imperative to find new justifications for inequality, especially as critics of the system, like Marx, talked about exploitation.

Keywords: inequality, government, laws, power, market

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Health dangers of sleep deprivation

Summary: Rocker Warren Zevon is often credited with coining the mantra that’s been embraced by everyone from partying college kids to early-morning exercise evangelists: “You can sleep when you’re dead.”

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T-Mobile seals merger deal with Sprint

Summary: “As industry lines blur and we enter the 5G era, consumers and businesses need a company with the disruptive culture and capabilities to force positive change on their behalf,” the CEO added.

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Larry Harvey, co-founder of Burning Man, has died

Summary: Burning Man is now a revered weeklong annual event that takes place in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, north of Reno, but there is no firm consensus on whether it is a spiritual retreat, performance art, a music festival, a construction project or just an excuse to party in the middle of scorching heat and dust storms.

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The aging mind: neuroplasticity in response to cognitive training (2013)

Summary: Nevertheless, the notion that staying mentally active confers protection against cognitive decline is pervasive and best represented by the frequently invoked adage of “use it or lose it.” It is surprising that there is relatively little research that provides a careful test of this statement, and that is largely because it is quite difficult to study experimentally the effects of an engaged lifestyle.

Keywords: cognitive, training, neural, adults, aging

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Mathematical Illustrations: A manual of geometry and postscript

Summary: IntroductoryChapters 1 - 15AppendicesEpilogueSupplementCode samples and packagesOther reading on PostScriptOther readingon mathematical graphicsErrata et corrigendaCopyright notice Click here for information about this imagexxxxxxxxxx This manual has been available on this site since about 1996, with improvements taking place frequently.

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New Shepard’s 8th test flight [video]

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Netflix Blog: Tips for High Availability

Summary: To make it easier for operators, Spinnaker also clearly marks instance state as coming up, starting, waiting for discovery, unhealthy, and healthy with different colors, as can be seen below.

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An API Journey: From Idea to Deployment the Agile Way

Summary: You will learn how to use mocking to speed up development and break dependencies, use the contract-first approach for defining tests that will harden your implementation, protect the exposed API through a management gateway and, finally, secure deliveries using a CI/CD pipeline.

Keywords: api, contract, acme, case, tests

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The NSA is not made of magic (2014)

Summary: The NSA breaks crypto not with super-secret cryptanalysis, but by using standard hacking tricks such as exploiting weak implementations and default keys.

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Show HN: Web Audio DSP Playground

Summary: Stabilised Oscilloscope adapted from Ewen

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Translations of the Dao De Jing

Summary: By: Wulf Dieterich “Laozi Daodejing” - English and German translations featuring Chinese text as GIFs.

Keywords: translations, tao, ching, te, jing

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French museum discovers half of its collection are fakes

Summary: French police suspect the existence of fake works attributed to other Catalonian artists such as Pierre Brune, Balbino Giner and Augustin Hanicote.

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Unprivileged Docker Builds – A Proof of Concept

Summary: But constructing one that conforms to spec is harder than simply building a tar, as you need root-like privileges to do most useful things, like installing rpms or apt packages.

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Using only open-source software on Android

Summary: [“OK Google, Listen To NPR”] Custom Voice Actions Launch On Android, Allow You To Control Selected 3rd Party Apps 2015/04/30 1:23pm PDT Apr 30, 2015

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Ruby on WebAssembly

Summary: Minqi Pan gave an excellent talk at RubyConf 2017 on packing a Ruby application into a single executable, demoing a project which creates a virtual filesystem in memory and other magical things to make it work ( video and code ).

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Hidden Masterpieces of the NYC Subway

Summary: If you’ve ever taken a ride on the New York City subway, you’re familiar with the musty stations, the feeling of bodies packed into crowded cars, and the desperate rush to make an overcrowded train.

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The truth about Apple’s engineering [video]

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Core Memory Upgrade for Arduino

Summary: The core plane isn’t as dense as the old commercial offerings that could fit 32 kilobits (not bytes) into only a cubic foot.

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Drawing with boids

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A Hawaiian island got about 50 inches of rain in 24 hours

Summary: The warmer atmosphere is holding more moisture and that builds up until it meets with cold dry air, creating this massive unstable system, which causes what some meteorologists are now referring to as a ‘rain bomb.’”

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Show HN: 8-bit Sounds – Studio2600 for the VCS (Atari 2600)

Summary: You may emulate a steady rhythm by the turbo fire trigger, normally mapped to DEL, and adjust the BPM by its repeat frequency in the “Quick Options”.)

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Optimizing Paxos with batching and pipelining (2012) [pdf]

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It’s time for us to say farewell

Summary: As part of the review, it has become apparent that the required investment to bring the infrastructure and code in line with modern standards is very substantial.

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Building a Content-Based Search Engine IV: Earth Mover’s Distance

Summary: Non-negativity constraint: $\forall g \in R_X, h \in R_Y: f(g, h) \geq 0$ Intuitively, for the definition of a flow to make sense, it is required that it assigns a positive number to each pair of representatives.

Keywords: distance, weight, flow, mover, earth

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The Impoliteness of Overriding Methods (2012)

Summary: I think this is more or less equivalent to “famous rock band goes into hiding for ten years and emerges with avant garde free jazz album”.

Keywords: beta, method, class, base, subclass

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Sourdough Starters, Recipes, and Baker’s Handbook

Summary: Sourdoughs International is perched near the top of a beautiful Idaho forest of ponderosa and lodge pole pine.

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Why your SaaS application should support SAML

Summary: Your SaaS application should support SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) if you’re at all interested in big fat contracts from large enterprise customers.

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Former CEO of Paypal, Intuit: “Bitcoin is the greatest scam in history”

Summary: He has previously served as a director for several public and private companies, including MyVest, RSA Security, Yodlee, GoDaddy, EarthLink, Macromedia, Visual Sciences, NexTag, , Avalara, , LowerMyBills, and SuccessFactors.

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