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Amazon threatens to suspend Signal’s AWS account over censorship circumvention

Summary: When Google’s leadership became more aware of domain fronting, it generated internal conversations about whether they wanted to put themselves in the situation of providing cover for sites that entire countries wished to block.

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You know how HTTP GET requests are meant to be idempotent?

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Facebook announces Clear History feature

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Salsify – A New Architecture for Real-time Internet Video

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Macbook Pro frying USB peripherals

Summary: MacBook Pro TouchBar and Touch ID, macOS High Sierra (10.13.2)

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C Is Not a Low-Level Language

Summary: Erik Meijer, Kevin Millikin, Gilad Bracha - Spicing Up Dart with Side Effects A set of extensions to the Dart programming language, designed to support asynchrony and generator functions

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Medium tries to prevent people reading deleted articles on the Wayback Machine?

Summary: So it looks like Medium has embedded a method to frustrate the casual user of Wayback Machine from seeing articles that their authors have removed from the original site.

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Facebook is launching a dating feature

Summary: The F8 conference, often an opportunity to announce new developer tools or hardware, comes amid a broader discussion of policy and privacy for the company.

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Introducing .app, a more secure home for apps on the web

Summary: The big difference is that HTTPS is required to connect to all .app websites , helping protect against ad malware and tracking injection by ISPs, in addition to safeguarding against spying on open WiFi networks.

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I switched from iPhone to the Pixel 2: One-week report

Summary: Unboxing experience: as good as Apple It lays more flat, even though the camera lens on the back does protrude like the iPhone Smart Lock: is a fantastic idea.

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Americans Are a Lonely Lot, and Young People Bear the Heaviest Burden

Summary: In fact, some research published in 2017 by psychologist Jean Twenge at San Diego State University suggests that more screen time and social media may have caused a rise in depression and suicide among American adolescents.

Keywords: loneliness, cigna, people, survey, health

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A Mass of Copyrighted Works Will Soon Enter the Public Domain

Summary: “The odds are so huge that the president will make a misstatement or an implausible statement that looks like a lie, or that he will answer evasively in a manner that looks like an effort to obstruct the investigation, or that he will give testimony that, together with other evidence, is incriminating,” said Bruce Green, a former associate special counsel in the Iran-Contra affair and a law professor at Fordham.

Keywords: copyright, years, works, public, domain

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California Supreme Court Transforms the Test for Who Is an Employee

Summary: Hulteng, Damon Ott, and Philip Simpkins with Littler Mendelson PC in San Francisco and Ellen Bronchetti with McDermott Will & Emery LLP in Menlo Park, Calif., represented Dynamex.

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TIC-80, a fantasy computer to learn programming

Summary: There are built-in tools for development: code, sprites, maps, sound editors and the command line, which is enough to create a mini retro game.

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YouTube Stars Being Paid to Sell Academic Cheating

Summary: Image copyrightAdam SalehImage caption Adam Saleh is one popular YouTuber who has advertised EduBirdie in his videos Channels with tens of thousands of subscribers can be offered hundreds of dollars for each advert.

Keywords: edubirdie, youtube, bbc, videos, students

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A puzzle that tiles infinitely across both sides, based on the Klein Bottle

Summary: Topologically, we can say this is equivalent to a torus, which can be described by its fundamental polygon showing how edges of a square map to each other to make a closed shape.

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Oculus Go

Summary: Simply connect your Oculus Go and phone to configure and customize your device with ease.

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Finding the longest straight line you could sail without hitting land

Summary: The longest straight-line path over water begins in Sonmiani, Balochistan, Pakistan, passes between Africa and Madagascar and then between Antarctica and Tierra del Fuego in South America, and ends in the Karaginsky District, Kamchatka Krai, in Russia.

Keywords: longest, path, land, algorithm, solutions

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It’s COBOL all the way down

Summary: The Institute for Data Center Professionals program at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York, where IBM has had a large presence for decades, was founded in 2004 with funding and support from the National Science Foundation because of a concern that mainframe-computing subjects were no longer being taught.

Keywords: cobol, code, mainframe, business, modern

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Against Facebook

Summary: Also known as “heteromation” (Ekbia, Nardi, 2014), microwork includes reading timelines, posting photos & updates, liking, retweeting, and generally dedicating our time, attention, and emotions to these platforms—each tiny action its own form of labor, given over freely to the advertisers.

Keywords: facebook, media, attention, social, time

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To solve affordability crisis, Bay Area housing stock must grow 50% in 20 years

Summary: Special thanks to Salim Furth, Senior Research Fellow for the State and Local Policy Program at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, for his suggestions and review of this column.

Keywords: percent, population, area, bay, housing

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Void Linux project leader has disappeared

Summary: This engineering work is consuming the full resources of 2 senior contributors, and has unfortunately also led to longer PR review times..

Keywords: github, irc, access, organisation, resources

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How to send local files to Chromecast with Python

Summary: Please note that this script will return as soon as the movie is playing, so you won’t have access to that mc object anymore.

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Painting made out of CSS rules

Summary: By Diana Smith | | Website

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Custom domains on GitHub Pages gain support for HTTPS

Summary: As supporters of Let’s Encrypt’s mission to make the web more secure for everyone, we’ve officially become Silver-level sponsors of the initiative.

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Backblaze’s Hard Drive Stats for Q1 2018

Summary: Each entry consists of the date, manufacturer, model, serial number, status (operational or failed), and all of the SMART attributes reported by that drive.

Keywords: drives, drive, data, tb, hard

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The Story of ISPC: Intel SPMD Program Compiler

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KRust: A Formal Executable Semantics of Rust

Summary: In this paper, we present a formal executable operational semantics of a realistic subset of Rust, called KRust.

Keywords: rust, formal, semantics, executable, ownership

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Illnesses from Mosquito, Tick, and Flea Bites Increasing in the US

Summary: “Zika, West Nile, Lyme, and chikungunya—a growing list of diseases caused by the bite of an infected mosquito, tick, or flea—have confronted the U.S. in recent years, making a lot of people sick.

Keywords: diseases, ticks, mosquitoes, tick, spread

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2018 reform of EU data protection rules

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Photographing glass: Lighting techniques for transparent glass objects

Summary: All objects are photographed on a photo table with translucent white Acrylic (Plexiglas 2447) with a P95 (smooth matte) finish.

Keywords: glass, lighting, contrast, transparent, surface

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Hydrofluoric Acid: An Invisible Fire (1996)

Summary: During a scene in the movie Alien, crew members are startled to see a fist-size hole in their spaceship’s ceiling, still sizzling from some substance that has just burned clear through the metal.

Keywords: william, calcium, acid, hand, blood

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Cincinnati’s Abandoned Subway

Summary: Seven miles between Cincinnati’s central business district and the industrial suburb of Norwood were tunneled, bridged, or graded, but no track was laid and no subway cars were ordered.

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Ruby’s Rack Push: Decoupling the real-time web application from the web

Summary: Due to code duplication and extra work, the memory consumption for hijack based solutions is higher and their performance is slower (more system calls, more context switches, etc’).

Keywords: application, server, rack, iodine, hijack

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Customer takes Bell to court and wins

Summary: In a joint Go Public/Marketplace investigation earlier this year, sales agents for Bell were repeatedly caught on hidden camera falsely promising customers that prices for TV, internet and home phone deals would not change for 24 months.

Keywords: ramsay, bell, contract, price, ccts

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Operator Framework: Building Apps on Kubernetes

Summary: Advanced Operators are designed to handle upgrades seamlessly, react to failures automatically, and not take shortcuts, like skipping a software backup process to save time.

Keywords: kubernetes, operator, operators, applications, framework

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Stateful Apps on Kubernetes: A quick primer

Summary: Given its pedigree of literally working at Google-scale, it makes sense that people want to bring that kind of power to their DevOps stories; container orchestration turns many tedious and complex tasks into something as simple as a declarative config file.

Keywords: kubernetes, database, running, statefulsets, nodes

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Towards λ-calculus

Summary: With 5 special forms, [{b lambda def if quote @}], and more than a hundred primitives we get a true programmable programming language working in any modern web browsers, see [[lambdacode]].

Keywords: return, function, lambda, var, arguments

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The Internals of Postgres – Concurrency Control

Summary: The CheckTargetForConflictsIn function is invoked whenever either an INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE command is executed in SERIALIZABLE mode, and it creates rw-conflicts when detecting conflicts by checking SIREAD locks.

Keywords: transaction, txid, tuple, committed, status

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Particle Physics Resurrects Alexander Graham Bell’s Voice

Summary: Before launching IRENE, Haber had worked as an experimental particle physicist, and his expertise included using optical metrology to align the silicon detectors of the collision chamber at CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research).

Keywords: volta, sound, recordings, bell, recording

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Making art with SSH key randomart

Summary: This is part of the validation sequence, the idea is that it is easier to verify a picture than a long string of letters, however it is not helped by the fact that it isn’t enabled by default.

Keywords: ssh, key, keys, fingerprint, randomart

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The Rise and Fall of Thinking Machines (1995)

Summary: They began to talk about solving what D. Allan Bromley, the president’s science adviser, dubbed “grand challenge” scientific problems: modeling the global climate, analyzing the folding of proteins, mapping the human genome, predicting earthquakes, revealing the nuances of quantum mechanics.

Keywords: machines, thinking, company, machine, hillis

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Apple deleted a job listing that hints at plans to cut Qualcomm and Intel chips

Summary: “Apple Inc. seeks to assess cellular link performance in direct path and multipath environments between base station transmitters and receivers using this spectrum,” the 2017 application read.

Keywords: apple, design, technology, mmwave, millimeter

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Digital Vigilantes Who Hack Back

Summary: Last year, Wyatt Hoffman and Ariel Levite, researchers at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, wrote a report suggesting that the tactics used to combat pirates contain “relevant insights for cybersecurity.” Like the Gulf of Aden, they argue, the Internet is a “quasi-anarchic” domain, and people assuming the risks of conducting business there should be allowed to defend themselves.

Keywords: carpenter, told, hacking, hackers, back

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PragProg removes access to forums due to SESTA

Summary: We cannot possibly monitor all posts made, in real time, and decide if they break any particular interpretation of a vague and imprecise law.

Keywords: violation, safe, act, point, harbor

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Apple Reports Q2 2018 Results

Summary: “Our business performed extremely well during the March quarter, as we grew earnings per share by 30 percent and generated over $15 billion in operating cash flow,” said Luca Maestri, Apple’s CFO.

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Underscore Pi (2017)

Summary: The first line of the function shows us that the chains of minuses and underscores have been turned into something like this (newlines added for clarity):

Keywords: code, oo, area, circle, diameter

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Secret green shelters that feed London’s cabbies

Summary: The idea for the shelters came in the late 19th Century when George Armstrong, a year before he became editor of The Globe newspaper, was unable to hail a taxi during a blizzard because the drivers, who then rode horse-drawn hansom cabs, were huddled in a nearby pub.

Keywords: drivers, shelter, shelters, london, evans

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Announcing the release of Fedora 28

Summary: Our mission is to build a platform which enables contributors and other developers to solve all kinds of user problems, on our foundations of Freedom, Friendship, Features, and First.

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Reconsidering the Hardware Kindle Interface

Summary: Since then it feels like a cascade of misguided optimizations — thinner (and yet wider; the Oasis fits into almost no pocket, can’t really be held easily in one hand), fake buttons (the weird non-buttons of the old Voyage), beautiful leather cases with too-weak magnets that don’t stay attached, etcetera.

Keywords: model, kindle, hardware, page, tap

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In Defense of Puns

Summary: When one guy gestured towards his shirt and declared “I’ll be washing tons of clothes later,” his opponent instantly responded, “Better get a tub, man .” It wasn’t very funny, but it was so clever and so quick that you had to respect it.

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A few Wi-Fi transmitters and your house becomes a coprocessor

Summary: (That number comes from a general argument about how many operations are required to perform a Fourier transform, not actual measurements based on a computer architecture.

Keywords: light, computation, fourier, perform, cube

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LA has passed new restrictions on sleeping in cars and RVs

Summary: Raising rent prices and low wages have resulted in thousands of people across the city of Los Angeles becoming homeless, many of them now living in cars and RVs if they were able to keep it together that well.

Keywords: people, homeless, cars, area, parking

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What’s in those mysterious cabinets?

Summary: Section 4.2.1 (“Definitions and Terminology”) is the first place in the document that mentions the dual-ring layout, and it does so without explanation — apparently this is so elementary that anyone reading the Traffic Signal Timing Manual will already be familiar with it:

Keywords: traffic, signs, highway, phase, control

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Electronics-recycling innovator going to prison for trying extend computer lives

Summary: Glenn Weadock, a former expert witness for the government in its antitrust case against Microsoft, was asked: “In your opinion, without a code, either product key or COA [certificate of authenticity], what is the value of these reinstallation discs?”

Keywords: lundgren, discs, microsoft, computer, computers

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Amazon and the Unwisdom of the Populist Crowd

Summary: And, unfortunately, these critics find an unlikely ally in President Trump, whose tweet storms claim that tech platforms are too big and extract unfair rents at the expense of small businesses.

Keywords: amazon, market, walmart, consumers, retail

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Slow ideas (2013)

Summary: In the hopes of spreading safer childbirth practices, several colleagues and I have teamed up with the Indian government, the World Health Organization, the Gates Foundation, and Population Services International to create something called the BetterBirth Project.

Keywords: people, nurse, hospital, made, mother

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House of Commons committee re-invites Mark Zuckerburg to appear [pdf]

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Disney unveils a prototype virtual-reality jacket

Summary: In collaboration with researchers at MIT Media Lab and Carnegie Mellon University, Disney hopes the jacket can augment VR experiences typically limited to visual displays seen through a headset and simple hand vibrations felt through joysticks.

Keywords: vr, jacket, researchers, snake, feel

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TiDB 2.0 Is Ready – Faster, Smarter, and Battle-Tested

Summary: To figure out what we should work on in TiDB 2.0, we absorbed insights and feedbacks from our customers, listened to requests and issues from our community, and reflected internally on our ultimate vision of building a distributed hybrid transactional and analytical processing database that scales itself, heals itself, and lives in the cloud.

Keywords: tidb, data, performance, benchmarks, olap

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U.S. Supreme Court to hear case about who gets paid in class action lawsuits

Summary: (Reuters) - The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday agreed to hear an internet privacy case involving Google that could put the brakes on an increasingly common form of settlement in class action suits that funnels money to unrelated third parties and charities instead of to people affected by the alleged wrongdoing.

Keywords: google, users, settlement, privacy, class

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