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Twitter urges users to change passwords after computer ‘glitch’

Summary: The social network disclosed the issue in a blog post and series of Tweets on Thursday afternoon, saying it had resolved the problem and an internal investigation had found no indication passwords were stolen or misused by insiders.

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Stripe to donate $1M to California Yimby

Summary: Today, Stripe, the six-year-old online payments company that has been valued at $9 billion by private investors, is expected to announce a $1 million donation to California Yimby , a housing advocacy organization that was a driving force behind a recently killed bill that would have required local governments to accept higher-density buildings near rail stops.

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Is there a fix for impostor syndrome?

Summary: This makes sense—if you’re constantly striving toward creative expression that pushes the preconceptions of a topic area and that is truly reflective and/or innovative work, you’re likely to focus on what you don’t know so you can chart your learning path.

Keywords: impostor, syndrome, work, people, stress

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Pocket Casts acquired by NPR

Summary: WNYC Studios is the premier producer of on-demand and broadcast audio, home to some of the most critically acclaimed and popular podcasts of the last decade, including Radiolab , 2 Dope Queens , Nancy , The New Yorker Radio Hour , Death, Sex & Money , Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin , Note To Self , On the Media , and A Piece of Work with Abbi Jacobson.

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Fake it till you make it: the wolves of Instagram

Summary: A search of the posts tagged #richkidsofinstagram reveals young men and women from across the world sharing pictures and videos of their extravagant lifestyles: suitcases filled with stacks of £10, £20 and £50 notes; toddlers wearing customised Gucci denim jackets; expensive cars and private jets, all set to the latest hip-hop anthems.

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High Speed Networking: Open Sourcing our Kernel Bypass Work

Summary: As we discovered, one of the greatest bottlenecks when handling this volume of data in software is the computational expense of copying these packets between different areas of memory, something which has to happen multiple times when using the Linux kernel’s standard sockets library.

Keywords: netmap, data, network, driver, directly

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7-Zip: From Uninitialized Memory to Remote Code Execution

Summary: Due to the lack of ASLR on the main executables, the only difficult part of the exploit was to carry out the heap massaging within the restricted context of RAR extraction.

Keywords: decoder, object, heap, code, archive

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De-Googling my phone

Summary: However, setting up such a “Google free” phone requires a significant amount of time, dedication, and skill (not to mention a personal server), definitively far beyond to what I’d trust my mother to comprehend.

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The life cycle of HIV in 3D [video]

Summary: Janet Iwasa, a biology professor at the University of Utah, uses advanced animation software to bring data to life in this video for Science of HIV , a project dedicated to visualizing the virus.

Keywords: hiv, life, data, software, cycle

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Tesla Plunges After a Conference Call

Summary: “Investor feedback to the call was shock that a CEO would be dismissive and the general sentiment was that the defensiveness spoke volumes,” Joseph Spak, an analyst at RBC Capital Markets, wrote in a report to clients.

Keywords: tesla, company, cash, raise, musk

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100 prisoners problem

Summary: 332–344 ^ Joe Buhler, Elwyn Berlekamp (2004), “Puzzles Column” , The Emissary , Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Spring 2004: 3 ^ Richard E. Blahut (2014), Cryptography and Secure Communication , Cambridge University Press, pp.

Keywords: number, prisoners, prisoner, strategy, drawers

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Three-day no-meeting schedule for engineers

Summary: Having so many meetings can fragment an engineer’s entire day, eliminating the stretches of uninterrupted time required to build software.

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Stack Overflow for Teams

Summary: A single Team hosted on Unlimited private questions and answers Searchable archive Secured in a dedicated network Free 14-day trial

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GitHub’s online schema migration for MySQL

Summary: By throttling, you return your master to its original workload Dynamic control: you can interactively reconfigure gh-ost , even as migration still runs.

Keywords: table, migration, master, ghost, original

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Impact – HTML5 Game Engine

Summary: libFixed skipping over first tile in CollisionMap trace() when the movem… Dec 15, 2014 mediaMinified font Nov 19, 2012 permission +x Apr 2, 2014 LICENSEAdd readme and license May 3, 2018 README.mdAdd readme and license May 3, 2018 index.htmlRemoved border for canvas element as it’s not taken into account for … Sep 30, 2012 weltmeister.htmlMousewheel zoom Feb 21, 2012

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NASA completes full-power tests of small, portable nuclear reactor

Summary: “Kilopower’s compact size and robustness allows us to deliver multiple units on a single lander to the surface that provides tens of kilowatts of power,” NASA Associate Administrator Steve Jurczyk said in January.

Keywords: kilopower, power, system, space, reactor

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A Gambler Who Cracked the Horse-Racing Code

Summary: Their cathedral is Happy Valley Racecourse, whose grassy oval track and floodlit stands are ringed at night by one of the sport’s grandest views: neon skyscrapers and neat stacks of high-rises, a constellation of illuminated windows, and beyond them, lush hills silhouetted in darkness.

Keywords: benter, woods, kong, hong, betting

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How salad became a major source of food poisoning in the US

Summary: Michele Jay-Russell , a food safety researcher at the University of California Davis who has investigated salad-related poisoning outbreaks in the past, said the raw vegetables that are the most common culprits are basically all salad greens, but especially the chopped and bagged kind.

Keywords: food, lettuce, romaine, people, salads

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The 8000th Busy Beaver number eludes ZF set theory (2016)

Summary: But before you interpret that as evidence in favor of Goldbach, Riemann, and the consistency of ZFC, you should probably know that a Turing machine to test whether all perfect squares are less than 5 , produced using Laconic, needed to run for more than an hour before it found the first counterexample (namely, 3 2 =9) and halted.

Keywords: machine, turing, bb, program, theory

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Show HN: LayerJS – A simple UI composition and navigation library

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Asylo: an open-source framework for confidential computing

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Yubikey/Smartcard backed TLS servers

Summary: The best demo to the world that storing secrets on “online” computers is hard and sometimes devastating, is the largeamounts of cryptocurrencytheft due to critical keys being in memory of systems directly or indirectly connected to the internet.

Keywords: key, keys, server, card, system

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GDPR made searchable by Algolia

Summary: This Regulation protects fundamental rights and freedoms of natural persons and in particular their right to the protection of personal data.

Keywords: data, personal, protection, persons, natural

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A Call of Duty exploit

Summary: Now to call that function, it is required to dereference the entry in the IAT and to pass all parameters accordingly, but most importantly, the return value has to be stored somewhere, as this is essentially the pointer to the memory we want to write our code to.

Keywords: game, memory, code, network, stack

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The Unemployment Rate in Every Region of Europe

Summary: Conversely, there are only two regions within all of France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Ireland, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Croatia, and Slovenia where the unemployment rate is below 5.8%, a level generally associated with a particularly healthy labor market.

Keywords: unemployment, rate, eu, world, europe

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Facebook employee fired over bragging about access to user information

Summary: The incident comes as Facebook faces global concerns about personal data privacy, including Congressional hearings at which Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg testified.

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The Helium Factor and Hard Drive Failure Rates

Summary: He has shared his expertise in computer security and data backup at the Federal Trade Commission, Rootstech, RSA and over 100 other events.

Keywords: drives, drive, helium, hard, failure

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GDPR compliance checklist

Summary: if your organisation is determining the purpose of the storage or processing of personal information, it is considered a controller .

Keywords: organisation, data, legal, information, advice

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GitHub provides an RSS feed for all user-facing changes made on the platform

Summary: Discover new ways to build better Try Marketplace apps free for 14 days

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Mobile phone cancer warning as malignant brain tumours double

Summary: The new study list causal factors aside from mobile phone use that may explain the GMB trend, including radiation from X-rays, CT scans and the fallout from atomic bomb tests in the atmosphere.

Keywords: brain, cancer, study, tumours, research

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A Dying Scientist and His Rogue Vaccine Trial

Summary: IRBs review every aspect of a trial: the script researchers use to recruit participants, the entry criteria for the study, the wording of the informed consent document, the protocol for administering the drug or vaccine, rules for record keeping and reporting adverse events.

Keywords: halford, vaccine, fernandez, trial, erkelens

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Drive-by Rowhammer attack uses GPU to compromise an Android phone

Summary: “Rowhammer in many ways has been ignored by vendors hiding behind [the claim] that it’s difficult and usually requires local execution or deduplication which has been removed from Windows by now,” said Anders Fogh, a principal security researcher with GDATA Advanced Analytics who .

Keywords: rowhammer, glitch, exploit, firefox, researchers

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Everest: A lightweight REST API client written in JavaFX

Summary: The goal with Everest is to provide pretty much the same level of functionality as the other options, but in a lighter, native but equally slick package.

Keywords: everest, request, apr, time, history

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NYC Renters Paid Extra $616M Thanks to Airbnb, Study Says

Summary: Chris Lehane, the company’s head of policy and public affairs, said the city’s data was outdated and pointed to recent studies that said rents in some New York boroughs dropped as much as 6 percent in March.

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Altair: Declarative Visualization in Python

Summary: Built with Sphinx using a theme provided by Read the Docs .

Keywords: altair, built, theme, copyright, read

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Wikipedia: List of lists of lists

Summary: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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A growing number of philosophers are conducting experiments to test arguments

Summary: Knobe, a professor of psychology, philosophy and linguistics at Yale University and well-known in the field for his experimental work, which he’s been doing since the early 2000s, describes one kind of ‘positive programme’ as very similar to cognitive science.

Keywords: philosophers, philosophy, intuitions, experiments, experimental

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German CT-Magazine says 8 new Spectre Vulnerabilities are found in Intel CPUs

Summary: Bevor es diesen dauerhaft speichern kann, schlägt das CPU-Aufräumkommando zu und macht alles rückgängig, was meltdown.exe mit diesem Wert angestellt hat – aber nur fast: Im kurzen Zeitfenster der Vorabausführung schreibt meltdown.exe in die siebte Schublade.

Keywords: die, und, das, der, für

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Tesla is hit by $2B patent troll case from Nikola Motors

Summary: Nikola Motors claims that Tesla’s design is creating market confusion that is stealing away orders for their truck and therefore there are damages, which they estimate at over $2 billion.

Keywords: nikola, tesla, truck, semi, design

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Stephen Hawking’s Final Paper Cuts the Multiverse Down to Size

Summary: Scientists later determined that this proposal implied something strange: that the multiverse is infinite, with endless, uncountable parallel universes existing alongside our own, Live Science previously reported.

Keywords: science, hawking, paper, multiverse, live

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Hominin head-scratcher: who butchered this rhino 700k years ago?

Summary: Researchers working at a site in the northern part of the island of Luzon report the discovery of 57 stone tools found with more than 400 animal bones, including the mostly-complete remains of a rhino (the now-extinct Rhinoceros philippinensis , a poorly known subspecies … having a specimen that’s about 75 percent complete is an achievement in and of itself).

Keywords: hominin, years, rhino, bones, ago

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Tech conferences moving north as Trump policies turn off attendees

Summary: At least two other major technology conferences have recently made the decision to relocate to Canada, lured in part by Toronto’s burgeoning tech sector, but also driven by travel restrictions imposed by U.S. President Donald Trump, policies that have left organizers scrambling to accommodate those who can’t visit the United States.

Keywords: toronto, tech, collision, trump, people

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Design for an Audience

Summary: And I hope you’ll think about what changes when you shift from making things for yourself — where you don’t even necessarily need to label the axes because you know exactly what you’re looking at — and work your way toward communicating to the public.

Keywords: data, chart, idea, graphic, make

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C64 Keyboard Prototype

Summary: The rectangular Spacebar and Return mounts have to be re-made using an acrylic plate of 1.5mm in thickness in order to make the Costar stabs snap into the material correctly.

Keywords: keyboard, pcb, circuit, cherry, switch

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An Overview of Micron’s Automata Processor (2016) [pdf]

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Linux System Monitoring with eBPF

Summary: This is an order of magnitude faster than block I/O latencies and indicates that buffering and caching of file system accesses is indeed speeding things up.

Keywords: latency, system, metrics, scheduling, ebpf

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20 Years of Crunch Take Their Toll on a Game Developer

Summary: Even though Neville has recently tried hard to revamp his lifestyle and approach game development in a healthier way, he’s still coping with injuries that emerged while he was crunching on Bunker Punks, sitting and staring at the screen for countless uninterrupted hours.

Keywords: neville, crunch, game, steam, punks

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Spectre-NG Multiple new Intel CPU flaws revealed, several serious

Summary: The vulnerabilities known as Spectre and Meltdown shook the IT world to its foundations: researchers proved that there is a fundamental design flaw in all modern processors with serious repercussions for system security ( see c’t issue 32018 ).

Keywords: spectre, patches, intel, security, flaws

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