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The United States of Japan

Summary: But it’s also a testament to the fact that all of us now spend huge amounts of time the way they did: sitting in front of screens, rummaging through our own pop-culture databases, obsessing over our virtual identities while indulging in our own childlike pleasures, which range from the aughts fad for cupcakes to cosplay or the latest Marvel superhero flick.

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Our Approach to Employee Security Training

Summary: They serve a serious purpose, reminding everyone that security training is coming up, but they also keep the mood light and let folks have a laugh too, with lots of little jokes for those who are paying attention.

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Hello Qt for Python

Summary: Let’s build a simple application to show the simplicity of Qt for Python using QWidgets .

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A mistake about manufacturing costing Americans millions of jobs

Summary: This erroneous notion, based solely on a statistical anomaly, long ago crystallized into deeply misleading consensus that high-tech advances in America’s manufacturing sector give it a comfortable competitive edge.

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“Manager READMEs” from some tech companies

Summary: My favourite parts: He treats the document as a “promise on how I will conduct myself as a manager” and asks to be held accountable.

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AstroNavigation – A free course

Summary: The BOLD Fellows program allows graduate student-faculty teams to create course materials in STEM subject areas rooted in good course design principles which benefit from the online content delivery.

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Google, please fix Android’s slow, bloated share UI

Summary: From eBay to Amazon, every developer has decided on where and how to present the sharing option, and that does indeed give freedom to devs to adapt it to their use case, but from a user’s perspective, it’s a blind fumble until you get used to how each app does it.

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Are interruptions worse for programmers than for other knowledge workers?

Summary: A talk I found on YouTube some time ago has convinced me that a lot of interruption aversion we feel is caused by not breaking our work into small enough chunks.

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Prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in adults admitted to psychiatric hospital

Summary: 7Menkes, DB, Lancaster, K, Grant, M, Marsh, RW, Dean, P, du Toit, SA.Vitamin D status of psychiatric inpatients in New Zealand’s Waikato region.

Keywords: vitamin, psychiatric, deficiency, mental, serum

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The Erlang Runtime System

Summary: The first two instructions following the first label ({label,1}) are actually error generating code which adds the line number and module, function and arity information and throws an exception.

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You don’t actually need a co-founder (2016)

Summary: But hey, if you do decide to turn up the stereo to 11, play your theme tune and embark on your next venture alone, at least you can do so with the knowledge that you aren’t the first to walk this path.

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My name is Wil Wheaton. I live with chronic Depression, and I am not ashamed

Summary: This prejudice existed in my family in spite of the ample incidence of mental illness that ran rampant through my DNA, featuring successful and unsuccessful suicide attempts by my relations, more than one case of bipolar disorder, clinical depression everywhere, and, because of self-medication, so much alcoholism, it was actually notable when someone didn’t have a drinking problem.

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Why Men Love War (1984)

Summary: War was a public ritual of the highest order, as the beautifully decorated cannons in the Invalids in Paris and the chariots with their depict ions of the gods in the Metropolitan Museum of Art so eloquently attest Men love their weapons, not simply for helping to keep them alive, but for a deeper reason.

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Summary: “Consent [under GDPR] must also now be separable from other written agreements, and in an intelligible and easily accessible form, using clear and plain language,” data protection expert Jon Baines, an advisor at UK law firm Mishcon de Reya LLP, told us recently .

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What SSH Hacking Attempts Look Like

Summary: With jobs that have been so tied to secure software design and government compliance, I constantly fall back on the assumption “if it’s insecure, you’ll eventually be hacked”.

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Troubled Times for Alternatives to Einstein’s Theory of Gravity

Summary: The tight setting, Archibald said, offers ideal conditions for testing a crucial aspect of general relativity called the strong equivalence principle, which states that very dense strong-gravity objects such as neutron stars or black holes “fall” in the same way when placed in a gravitational field.

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Particle physicists turn to AI to cope with CERN’s collision deluge

Summary: In the next decade, they plan to produce up to 20 times more particle collisions in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) than they do now, but current detector systems aren’t fit for the coming deluge.

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Drop Table Companies Ltd

Summary: Registered office address 1 Moyes Cottages Bentley Hall Road, Capel St. Mary, Ipswich, Suffolk, United Kingdom, IP9 2JL Company status Active

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Intel’s New Optane 905P Is the Fastest SSD

Summary: The 905P also boosts mixed workloads where the controller and memory must execute complex IO steams with data coming and going at very high speeds.

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Show HN: ~200 byte in-browser, no JS, private notepad

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GNU Mcron

Summary: “The Free Software Foundation (FSF) is a nonprofit with a worldwide mission to promote computer user freedom.

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Alan Turing’s chemistry hypothesis turned into a desalination filter

Summary: One area where Turing himself applied the concept is in chemistry, and he published a paper describing how a single chemical reaction could create complex patterns like stripes if certain conditions are met.

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Fuck You Startup World (2016)

Summary: Fuck your startup scene with your 30 minute morning routines of reading TechCrunch, TNW, Wired, Gizmodo, Mashable, The Verge and ProductHunt- all so you don’t feel ‘left out’.

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Debtors in China Shamed on Highway Billboard Featuring Their Faces and Names

Summary: Local courts in eastern China’s Anhui province took advantage of heavy traffic during the May 1 holiday to shame debtors by displaying their faces and personal information on billboards and televisions in public areas.

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Former top official says Fed should ‘Maybe’ create ‘FedCoin’ to rival Bitcoin

Summary: “Most central banks have a view that these crypto-assets are clever, like guys in the garage did it and it’s kind of cool, or risky,” given the potential investor losses and widespread fraud, said Kevin Warsh, who was a governor at the Fed from 2006 to 2011 and was a topcontender to become its chairman late last year when President Trump instead appointed Jerome Powell.

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CPY – Code C/C++ with no redundancy

Summary: In case the known tag is a problem, or variable implication is simply not to your liking, it can be completely disabled by using the -ni flag

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In ‘Elastic,’ a Physicist Argues That the Mind Needs Time to Play

Summary: “Elastic” does not mention Doidge, or the Nobelist Daniel Kahneman, whose “Thinking, Fast and Slow” (2011)explains the mechanisms behind insidious brain traps like confirmation bias and convincingly undermines his fellow economists’ common assumption that marketplace decisions are rational.

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OpenFL 8.0.0 Released

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The ongoing bailout list of the financial system

Summary: For each entity, we provide a “Net Outstanding” amount, which shows how deep taxpayers are in the hole after accounting for any revenue the government has received (usually through interest or dividends).

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