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Conversations with a six-year-old on functional programming

Summary: Unsure where to even start, I decided to just answer straightforwardly: “I’m reading a very long story about free theorems.”

Keywords: function, put, machine, idea, number

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The Economics of Writing a Technical Book

Summary: I would like to update Cloud Native Infrastructure to keep it fresh with current industry trends, but another book from scratch is not a year long project I’d be looking forward to at this time.

Keywords: book, time, reilly, writing, content

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The Various Kinds of IO – Blocking, Non-Blocking, Multiplexed and Async

Summary: In general, you can assume that the peripherals are quite advanced, and they can handle multiple concurrent requests to write or read data.

Keywords: io, file, thread, read, blocking

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Surviving Your 40s

Summary: And yet brain research shows that in the 40s, some of these tasks are harder: On average we’re more easily distracted than younger people, we digest information more slowly and we’re worse at remembering specific facts.

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Uber vehicle reportedly saw but ignored woman it struck

Summary: Autonomous vehicles have superhuman senses: lidar that stretches out hundreds of feet in pitch darkness, object recognition that tracks dozens of cars and pedestrians at once, radar and other systems to watch the road around it unblinkingly.

Keywords: car, uber, herzberg, information, safety

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Cutting Edge Deep Learning for Coders, Part 2

Summary: Sometimes I feared whether I would be able to solve any deep learning problems, as all the research papers I read were very mathy beyond reach of simple intuitive terms.

Keywords: learning, deep, lesson, data, jeremy

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Concorde ‘B’

Summary: Although the study carried out was a pretty comprehensive one and could of given Concorde a real future in during the years to come right into the 1990s and even on into the 2000s, after this time it was generally expected that a new generation SST with a new type of variable cycle engines would enter into service (BAe AST3 or Aerospatiale Alliance)

Keywords: concorde, fuel, range, aircraft, increase

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International Obfuscated C Code Contest – 2018 Winning Entries

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Show HN: How to Tune a Guitar

Summary: The first two notes of Amazing Grace form a perfect fourth.Learning to hear these intervals will help you tune your guitar without a tuner.

Keywords: guitar, tune, strings, tuning, perfect

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Self-Awareness for Introverts [pdf]

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Who controls glibc?

Summary: The “authoritarian leader” model is quite common in this space, with many projects subject to the will of a (hopefully benevolent) dictator who can decide to accept or reject any change.

Keywords: glibc, joke, project, developers, consensus

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Tech watchdogs call on Facebook, Google for transparency around censored content

Summary: “Users deserve more transparency and greater accountability from platforms that play an outsized role — in Myanmar, Australia, Europe, and China, as well as in marginalized communities in the U.S. and elsewhere — in deciding what can be said on the internet,” Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) Director for International Freedom of Expression Jillian C. York said.

Keywords: content, santa, users, principles, clara

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Twitter suspended our Open Data project’s account and wiped all our followers

Summary: I dropped an email to a few people I know at Twitter, but it is a Bank Holiday weekend, so I didn’t expect any of them to answer.

Keywords: twitter, appeal, weekend, project, email

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12-year study will look at effects of universal basic income

Summary: For the next 12 years, MIT Sloan associate professor Tavneet Suri will be part of a team collaborating with the nonprofit GiveDirectly to study the effects of implementing a universal basic income in Kenya.

Keywords: study, people, income, givedirectly, basic

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Core Erlang by Example

Summary: In the translation to Core Erlang, the compiler generates new variable names for the arguments in a function head.

Keywords: erlang, core, function, case, variable

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Reinforcement Learning – Bandit Problems

Summary: Now let’s abstract it even more: we introduce a function $\alpha_n(a)​$ which gives us the weight of a specific reward at time step $n​$ (in this case since we’re only concerned about an action, replace $\alpha_n(a)​$ with $\alpha_n​$):

Keywords: action, time, hypothesis, set, selection

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Sublime Text 3.1 Released

Summary: As may be evident, this dev cycle spent a good amount of time polishing some foundational elements of the editor and making it more robust for use on different configurations and for different purposes.

Keywords: text, improved, dev, color, syntax

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Is it worth supporting Firefox?

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Lyme Disease Is on the Rise Again

Summary: “Many of the tests for Lyme disease are negative at the time that patients first visit their doctor,” says Dr. Paul Fiedler , a clinical pathologist on Yale School of Medicine’s faculty who also heads the department of pathology at Western Connecticut Health Network.

Keywords: lyme, disease, ticks, thorne, images

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List of screw drives

Summary: Robertson had licensed the screw design to a maker in England, but the party that he was dealing with intentionally drove the licensee company into bankruptcy and purchased the rights at a reduced price from the trustee, thus circumventing the original agreement.

Keywords: screw, drive, head, screws, phillips

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Virtlet: run VMs as Kubernetes pods

Summary: Unikernel applications such as such as OSv , Mirage or Rump kernels : One exciting example of this work is the MIKELANGELO project , for which the ability of Virtlet to perform actions such as supporting Deployments of VMs is quite important.

Keywords: virtlet, vm, vms, kubernetes, pod

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As Kubernetes grows, a startup ecosystem develops in its wake

Summary: In the case of Kuberentes, in a 6 week period last year in quick succession between July and the beginning of September, we saw some of the best known enterprise technology companies including AWS , Oracle , Microsoft , VMware and Pivotal all join the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), the professional organization behind the open source project.

Keywords: kubernetes, companies, project, open, source

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Cilium 1.0: Bringing the BPF Revolution to Kubernetes Networking and Security

Summary: With this expansion, Cilium will start supporting Kubernetes service routing across multiple clusters without requiring complex proxy or Ingress solutions while providing the full set of identity based and API aware security.

Keywords: cilium, bpf, security, based, api

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Machine Learning for .NET

Summary: Here’s an example of code to train a model to predict sentiment from text samples.

Keywords: learning, models, core, machine, framework

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Teaching Programming Languages by Experimental and Adversarial Thinking

Summary: They are made available only to support the rapid dissemination of results; the printed versions, not these, should be considered definitive.

Keywords: programming, languages, versions, security, paper

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That New Memory Smell: Tech Can Tell If Your Flash Is New or Recycled

Summary: “Most of the time, recycled memory is thrown into the market when it is functional,” explains Biswajit Ray , assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

Keywords: gate, flash, chip, memory, erase

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Russian ALFA Class interceptor submarine

Summary: The ALFA Class was incredibly noisy by comparison, although in some cases its great operating depth allowed it to slip beneath water layers which reduced passive sonar effectiveness.

Keywords: submarine, class, alfa, nato, submarines

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Volvo to Use Google Assistant, Play Store and Maps in Next-Gen Infotainment

Summary: Vehicle specifications may vary from one country to another and may be altered without prior notification.

Keywords: car, group, features, specifications, technology

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Using Prediction Markets to Track Information Flows: Evidence from Google [pdf]

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Examples of marketing tactics

Summary: Verified accounts are a small thing but they help center the community around these high profile users who keep Twitter relevant in the face of increasingly stiff competition from other social networks and messaging services.

Keywords: growth, strategy, hacking, company, users

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A giant 360 LED clock

Summary: Define an infinite loop for a mode, with a queue for input events such as brightness adjustment.

Keywords: leds, strip, circle, circles, clock

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Why I’m leaving Open Source

Summary: The people on the core team, who know much more about the long term goals and subtleties in practical design of language features than I do, settled at “this is kind of cool, but maybe we should try something simpler.”

Keywords: project, redox, language, projects, open

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A 1950s-Era New York Knife Law Has Landed Thousands in Jail

Summary: By the 1950s they had become the stuff of nightmares , closely associated with inner-city youth gangs, thanks in part to films like Rebel Without a Cause and Blackboard Jungle , which ends in a classroom brawl between a badly outnumbered public school teacher and his crazed, switchblade-wielding students.

Keywords: knife, knives, gravity, york, law

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Buffett bashes Bitcoin as nonproductive, thriving on mystique

Summary: Charlie Munger, Buffett’s longtime business partner and a Berkshire vice chairman, is also no bitcoin fan, describing it as “worthless artificial gold.” He likened it to Oscar Wilde’s definition of fox hunting, calling it “the pursuit of the uneatable by the unspeakable.”

Keywords: buffett, berkshire, bitcoin, meeting, ceo

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Aibo – A new story begins

Summary: aibo is full of charmRound, alluring eyes with a powerful pull,a cute, roly-poly form, moving around with infectious energy,and an identity that’s just waiting to be explored and discovered.

Keywords: aibo, play, pause, identity, time

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Show HN: Corral – A Serverless MapReduce Framework

Summary: For jobs that run on Lambda, you should tune mapBinSize , splitSize , and lambdaTimeout accordingly so that mappers are able to process their entire input before timing out.

Keywords: lambda, corral, input, aws, default

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The relationship between humans and parrots can be surprisingly profound

Summary: One afternoon, in between rounds of $5 blackjack, I wandered to a lobby and discovered a long perch supporting a dozen parrots—scarlet and hyacinth macaws, eclectuses and lilac-crowned Amazons among them—riotous bursts of red and blue and yellow and green, a preening, chirping string of jewels.

Keywords: parrot, poe, parrots, feathers, years

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How to get your personal data from apps you use

Summary: See how to request your personal data from the companies you care about and the services you use everyday, such as Amazon, Uber, and Wells Fargo.

Keywords: data, request, companies, personal, california

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Operation Ivy Bells

Summary: During the Cold War, the United States wanted to learn more about Soviet submarine and missile technology, specifically ICBM test and nuclear first strike capability.

Keywords: soviet, edit, cable, naval, pelton

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Process and Leverage in Fundraising

Summary: There are two different common errors at this point – some founders let initial meetings drag out over the course of months, which moves the market back into the investor’s favor.

Keywords: founders, investors, process, investor, company

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How We Found New Patterns in LA’s Homeless Arrest Data

Summary: This was the result of an effort to “modernize reporting” by using an automated system to distribute the logs, rather than having somebody manually email them each day (ironically, this was also meant to be a solution to any future “missing data” problems, since a machine would never forget to click “send,” unlike a human).

Keywords: homeless, data, arrests, excel, story

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Show HN: When my builds fail I pay money to charity

Summary: I started off with a simple web server to act as an endpoint to be called by the build system which would accept a POST request and print it to stdout.

Keywords: money, api, work, time, build

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SkyKnit: When knitters teamed up with a neural network

Summary: I still have a lingering suspicion that I’m knitting a pattern that could someday communicate to an AI that I want to play a game of Global Thermonuclear War, but I suppose at least I’ll have a scarf at the end of it?” - BridgetJ

Keywords: skyknit, pattern, patterns, knitters, knitting

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How to accelerate revenue for SaaS startups

Summary: If the MRR parameter is higher than 10M the Slack notification will be sent directly to the VP of Sales or the team who takes care of large enterprise.

Keywords: sales, madkudu, marketing, companies, plainflow

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On Britain’s Intellectual Decline

Summary: If political and TV programming decisions are determined by opinion polls and focus groups – and failing that by some image of a narrow-minded voting and viewing public with no attention spans– there’ll be no room for the high-minded.

Keywords: public, today, bbc, people, intellectual

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MIT Should Not Be Supporting the Saud Monarchy

Summary: This Patriots’ Day marks 243 years since farmers, tradesmen, merchants, and sailors fought a bloody war to throw off the yoke of King George and the British monarchy.

Keywords: saudi, mit, bin, salman, monarchy

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Who controls glibc?

Summary: The “authoritarian leader” model is quite common in this space, with many projects subject to the will of a (hopefully benevolent) dictator who can decide to accept or reject any change.

Keywords: glibc, joke, project, developers, consensus

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.NET Core 3 and Support for Windows Desktop Applications

Summary: With this last survey, we asked a subset of respondents over Skype for feedback on our plans for .NET Core 3 with (unknown to them) our Build conference slides.

Keywords: core, applications, desktop, windows, framework

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Introducing GitHub Checks for continuous integration

Summary: Travis CI recently adopted GitHub Apps and now includes Checks as a way for your team to share the results of your project’s branch and pull request builds.

Keywords: github, checks, build, ci, api

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Three Decades Later, Mystery Numbers Explained

Summary: It explains why the so-called zeta values — numbers that have preoccupied mathematicians since the mid-18th century — are implicated in the numerical mystery at the heart of one of the most active fields in contemporary mathematics.

Keywords: mirror, zeta, values, numbers, mathematicians

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Real-Time AI: Microsoft Announces Preview of Project Brainwave

Summary: The Project Brainwave architecture is deployed on a type of computer chip from Intel called a field programmable gate array, or FPGA, to make real-time AI calculations at competitive cost and with the industry’s lowest latency, or lag time.

Keywords: project, brainwave, ai, microsoft, customers

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A Design Lab Is Making Rituals for Secular People

Summary: Facebook’s chief product officer, Chris Cox, made a remarkable announcement during a keynote at the company’s big conference this week: “The increase in the Stories format,” he explained, “is on a path to surpass feeds as the primary way people share things with their friends sometime next year.”

Keywords: ritual, rituals, design, people, ozenc

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A Crash-Course in PHP Namespaces for WordPress Developers

Summary: As an aside, this approach is contrary to the underlying concepts of object-oriented programming (wherein instances of objects interact with each other), but that’s beyond the scope of this post.From here, developers seem to have split into two factions: the first, dead-set on removing global variables, moved toward the Singleton pattern :

Keywords: php, function, namespace, plugin, namespaces

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Why we should all be using Windows 95

Summary: Jay Leno joking around on stage, an overjoyed Bill Gates dancing with his team to the sound of the Rolling Stones, a huge banner promoting the innovative Start Menu and everyone just having a blast like it was their last day on earth.

Keywords: windows, computer, start, microsoft, lot

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The Big Lie of Venture Capital

Summary: Julien Brault is CEO and co-founder of Hardbacon, a fintech empowering Canadians with an app that makes it easy for anyone to manage a stock market portfolio.

Keywords: startups, lot, capital, lie, money

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Show HN: Trailer Nite – Find something to watch tonight

Summary: A spoiled, wealthy yacht owner is thrown overboard and becomes the target of revenge from his mistreated employee.

Keywords: trailers, overboard, breaking, android, book

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The baby formula crime ring

Summary: In a way, the architecture of her organization had insulated her too from a damning kind of self-knowledge, even as her daily duties — arranging cross-country shipments, negotiating rates, collating spreadsheets, tracking policy changes — encouraged her to indulge an entrepreneurial delusion.

Keywords: formula, dattadeen, business, mom, shultz

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Twenty-first century Victorians

Summary: There is no good nineteenth-century analogue for this ridiculous new ritual, although Dickens would’ve been perfectly able to satirize its inherent absurdity: Millions act as if a system weighted very heavily toward privilege is in fact some kind of meritocracy, and that a person’s worth can be judged by the prestige of the school where they have been accepted.

Keywords: class, children, food, time, victorian

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Analysis vs Algebra predicts eating corn? (2010)

Summary: So if you’re a programmer and found Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software to be a revelation, it is highly likely that you lean towards algebra and eat your corn in neat rows.

Keywords: corn, eat, algebra, analysis, clear

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